Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacation from my phone

Brad, myself and the girls left a few days early for the beach and made some stops along the way. I didn't want to take the good camera in and out of the car on all of those stops so I relied on my phone and a new app to make some great pictures!!!

Here is Brynn sitting next to the chains on the USS Alabama. I used to ask myself who stop and tours a ship on their way to the beach. And, now I know. It was awesome! I found myself near tears several times overwhelmed at thinking back to what it must have been like to be on that ship during wartime. Made me so thankful for those that men and women that serve in the military! These chains, by the way, were huge!!!!!
We did a lot of shopping before we actually go to the beach part of the vacation. I think the girls starting wondering if we were really going to the beach or just visiting different malls!
We did finally get to Destin and started our time there spending a couple days at Baytown Wharf (I think that is what it is called).
At one of our favorite restaurants...
Here is one of my favorite pictures. We went to the Track one night and the girls played. A storm was rolling in so we wanted to get out of the arcade before it started raining and everyone that was outside came rushing in. We were all waiting at the door and we couldn't find Dad and Wes. We looked around and finally saw them!!! Neither one would let the other win!!! Love that!

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