Monday, September 17, 2012


I wanted to share a few pics of my girls with Charlee.  It has been so fun watching them love Charlee!!
These are in such a random order!

BBB and Charlee the day after she was born!
 BBB and I went and got a balloon to put on Sarah and Ben's mailbox when they got home!  Actually, Brynn always wants a balloon in Kroger so this time I gave in....seemed like a good time for a balloon!

HEre they are finally getting to come in and meet Charlee after she was born.  It did not surprise me at all that the first 2 people in the room were Laci and Megan!

 I love that Megan and Katherine are doing the same thing!

 Everyone asks how Brynn is with her.  Honestly, she is great with her!  She will love her, kiss her and say, "my hold her."  She says, "Chardee."  And, then after a few minutes she'll say, "my done."
 The only time there is a conflict is when my dad is around!  If Poppy and Charlee and Brynn are in the same place, BBB makes sure she gets all of Poppy's attention!  I'm sure it won't be long before Charlee puts up a fight for some Poppy Time!

And, I can't believe it but out of over 700 pictures, I do not have 1 picture of all 4 girls!!!!  I need to do a better job!  haha!!!!  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Delivery....from my perspective!

One of the greatest days of my life!!!!

Here is a link to my sister's blog!!  She has other pics and her side of this incredible day!

After getting the call that Sarah's water had broken, I quickly showered and let Brad he was in charge of Laci, Megan and Brynn until further notice!!!!!!  Mom and I headed to the hospital and patiently waited.  

I monitored the contraction computer, took a million pics and tried the keep the mood light!!  We have a family of nurses......let me know tell you!  Sarah an RN, my mom an RN, Ben an RN, Katherine an RN, Mary Ann an RN and nursing instructor, Hannah an LPN soon to be RN.  Phil a Doctor.  So, needless, to say there was a lot of big words used and "medical talk" going on.  I had to make jokes from time to time to keep my "non-medical" mind from stressing out!  haha, just kidding!!!  It was funny listening to everyone talk their talk!  I'm sure my lack of knowledge was apparent!  However, what I lacked in knowledge, I made up for in experience!!!

Big Cousins could not wait!!  Brad brought them up with Poppy after he got out of church.   

This is one of my favorite memories.  When the nurse came in to check Sarah, Ben, Katherine, Trent, Laci, Megan and myself were in the room.  All of us walked out.  Meg went with Trent to the waiting room because she loves Trent and wanted to hang with him.  Ben had stayed in and when we stepped back in he said she's at a 10.  Well, we all kind of freaked and I grabbed my camera.  Katherine came in to give Sarah a hug and I saw Laci kind of wandering around not sure what to do and whether to smile or be scared.  Sarah motioned for her to come over and gave her a hug and reassured it wouldn't be long now and that everything was ok!!!!  I know Laci saw the tears in my eyes and I surely wanted her to understand they were happy tears!!  I love that this picture captured that moment!!!  Laci then headed to the waiting room with Katherine to let them know it was time to push!

And, then just a few minutes later we were able to see what we had all prayed for for so long!!!!!  I can't explain to you the emotions going on in the room.  The nurse knew Sarah's history and she was just as excited!!!!  After watching my sister labor and deliver a stillborn baby, this was an experience like no other!!!!!!!!   I was so thankful to be in the room.  Besides my own, this is the only delivery I have ever witnessed!!!!!!  It is a day and a moment I will never forget!!!

Checking out her daddy!!!

Then, she had to check out her Auntie Am.  I'm not sure she knew I had a face for the first 2 days because it was always behind the camera!

I hate that this is blurry but it is still special!!  Watching the nurse hand Sarah her perfect, whole, daughter is so incredible!!  It seems so simple, but something she has longed for!!!!

The next pics are pictures I will cherish forever!!!!!!!

Tried to pick pictures different from Sarah's blog, but hopefully between the two blogs you can get the story!  It was truly amazing!!!!  One of these days I hope to write it all down from beginning to end.  What an amazing blessing!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby Showers!!!

If you read my blog then you have probably read my sister, Sarah's blog.  If not, you still probably know her story of infertility, stillbirth, IVF and Miscarriage.  Well, the doctor told Sarah she couldn't get pregnant on her own and God proved otherwise.  
Last week we welcomed little Charlee Kate.  But, I want to do a quick update on her showers. 

Here is a quick recap of 2 of Sarah's showers!!
Sarah had a Little Rock Shower with Ben's family and friends!!!

This is Ben's sister, Katherine!!

The Aunties!!!!  Boy, have we been spoiling this little princess!!!

Then, there was the church/Benton shower.  I told Sarah it was going to look like Pinterest puked at her baby shower.  This baby shower was 3 years in the making.  I have been wanting to do this for so long so I just let it all out for Charlee Kate.  The Aunties and 2 very special ladies from church helped out.  Then, several other ladies from church helped out that Sunday morning.  It was awesome and let me say this is one loved and very much anticipated little girl!!!!!
 The table when you walked in!  It had a pic of Sarah, the invitation, mints and instead of a guestbook, we had the guests write their name and address on the envelops of Sarah's thank you notes.  That saved Sarah the time of having to look them all up.  Also, Charlee's intitials on the table were wooden letters that Laci and Megan painted.  They weren't perfect, but they were special!

Tables for people to sit!

Gift Area

There were 3 food tables!  The first one was "Ready To Pop."  On this table was soda pop, popcorn, pop rocks, blow pops, cake pops, ring pops, etc.  

This was the "It's A Girl" table.  It had fruit, cupcakes, punch, and the best nuts ever!!!

And, the "Mommy's Cravings" table.  This had things Sarah wanted throughout the pregnancy.  There was goldfish, oreos, laffy taffy, Arby's apple turnovers, Little Ceaser's Crazy Bread, etc.  

This was an incredible painting done by Meagan McGuire.  (Look her up on Facebook for more of her amazing creations!).  I wanted a Bible verse that could translate throughout Charlee's life and something she could have in her room forever.  I could not have been more pleased!

So great to see our cousin, Heather, at the shower!!!

Blair made a surprise visit!!!
HEre is Sarah with the painting.  Also, the "plant" things in the back were bought VERY CHEAP at Hobby Lobby.  We had 4 of them and we used clothes pins to hang all the clothes Sarah received as gifts.  It turned out to be a great way to display the gifts and saved a lot of room on the tables!

Once Again, the Aunties!!!!
Some of the banners we made!!!  We just love seeting her name!

This was sitting as you walked in the room.  It's basically Sarah's ultrasound pics as she has gone through the pregnancy.  It has her positive pregnancy test and the date she took it.  It has her arm band from one of the many times she was checked throughout this pregnancy.  It also had a pic of Sarah big and pregnant at the beach.   These are things that people long for as they are trying to get pregnant.  How many of those sticks do you pee on seeing negative??  It's so great to see that positive one, and you certainly want to hang onto it!    This was just a collection of some very special memories!!!

 Charlee Kate is a very loved little girl!!!!!!!  
Ready for pics of delivery day????  It's coming up!!!!!!!!