Friday, October 30, 2009

My Little Pink Lady

Yesterday was Laci's 50th day of Kindergarten so they let them dress up in 50's costumes. So, I just pulled double-duty and this is her Halloween Costume also. Many of you know how much I love Grease the movie so this was like a dream come true!!! I started watching the movie with her the other day and suddenly realized how inappropriate that movie was for a 5 year old! How come I never recognized that before??

Thank you again for everything the past couple of weeks. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about sweet Weslee. I have enjoyed having Sarah and Mom home from work this week to just love one another and spend as much time as possible together. We have laughed and cried and just sat and stared at the rain. I am looking forward to the sunshine and moving into the Holiday Season..Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In His Arms

This past Saturday at 11:07 a.m. my neice, Weslee Faith Mizell entered the world. It was, however, only her physical body that entered the world. Her spirit was already resting in the arms of our Lord. And, to be honest, knowing that is the only way I can cope right now.
I will let my sister share the details when she is ready of that joyful, yet sorrowful, day. But, I would like to write down some thoughts on being an aunt! My neice was beautiful!! She had long legs like her mommy already. And, she did favor her daddy. It's is amazing what you can tell at 20 weeks gestation! I had the honor and priveladge of choosing her cloths. There was a closet full of sweet things of all sizes that are knitted and donated to stillborn babies. In true Auntie Am form I chose a few different looks. And, shortly after Weslee's arrival, I got to dress her. That is a memory I will have and cherish forever! I held her for quite a while and even rocked her. But, as I rocked her and cried, I couldn't help but picture her cuddled in the Arms of God as He rocked her in heaven.
This past week has been a rollar coaster for so many people and the hurts are overwhelming. But, I have to say that I do not how people make it through without the hope we have in Jesus Christ. The hope of seeing the ones we have lost again. And, the hope of a place beyond this world. I so look forward to holding Weslee again. I can't wait for Laci and Megan to meet her.
Several people have asked about Laci and Megan. I have told them about the situation and about Weslee. I think they are more concerned with making sure their Auntie is okay. And, Laci asked just the other day, "Weslee Faith is in heaven with Mimi Pam's mom, right?" I said yes and Laci matter of factly responded, "then, she's okay." I just had to smile and think, she's got it figured out. If only I could figure it out that easily!
Thank you all for you overwhelming love and support, prayers, meals, flowers, encouraging words, and so on, and so on! It has meant more to us than you will ever know. It has allowed us to sit together and talk and love one another. We serve a big God and I am thankful for that. A big God who knew that a baby weighing 6.4 ounces would change so many lives, forever.

I want to finish with a song. There are so many verses in the Bible that I could type, but there is a simple song that has been touching my heart and I will finish with those words.

Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me so.
they are weak, but He is strong.
The Bible tells me so!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Niece...

I have sat in front of the computer several minutes now trying to decide what to type. Sarah and Ben had their 20 week appointment today and found out they have a precious baby girl. However, the news turned devestating in an instant. Here is what they posted on their blog.

" During our routine 20-week ultrasound with the doctor, we were told that our baby has an extremely rare developmental disorder where the skull doesn’t form around the brain. Therefore, she will not be able to survive past birth if she for some reason makes it that far. We are going to see a high-risk OB specialist tomorrow to learn a little more about this condition and discuss our current options. It is very hard for us to hear the news, especially after seeing her heartbeat and kicking her legs around like crazy!!"

I did not think I could say it like they did. My heart hurts for them so badly. I am also being selfish right now trying to cope with the joy of having a niece (when I totally thought it was a boy) and now the possibility of not getting to hold her.

Please pray for Sarah and Ben, and their daughter as they choose her name and face the days and decisions that lay ahead.
Please pray for our family as we comfort, support and love one another, especially Uncle Wes as he is so far away.
Please pray for Brad and myself as we, at some point, will begin to explain this to Laci and Megan.

I have said it before and I will say it now...I am so glad God understands when I don't.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Laci has definitely taken on the role of Princess several times! Saturday she was invited to a party where she got to dress up as a Princess. Of course, she chose Cinderella!!! And, we do not just kind dress-up! We go all out!!

We even got some "cinderella hair!"

Her old Cinderella dress was way too short and ripped in the front so we headed to Target!!

She has a great time at the party and all of the Princess Girls were beautiful!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Picture Day

Today was Laci's first school picture day!! I let her put on lip gloss (not that it will last) but she thought it was cool!

I took this pictures so she could see how long her hair is getting. She wants to let it grow, grow, grow!