Tuesday, July 19, 2011

4th of July

We had a wonderful 4th of July. We had a good time at the farm and then just relaxed!
I was in charge of dessert (imagine that) and I wanted to do something festive! I found this recipe and not only did it look the part, but it tasted great! A little side note; it was supposed to go on a white serving tray, but I didn't have one so I was going to use my big cookie sheet. I needed 48 phyllo cups to make a rectangle that would fit perfect on the sheet so it wouldn't slide all over the tray. I sent Brad to the store and the phyllo cups came in boxes of 15 and Brad got 3 boxes, 45 saying, "I wasn't buying a hole box just for 3 cups." ugh!!!!! That is why there is aluminum foil around the flag, so that it wouldn't slide all over the baking sheet in route to the farm.
Mamaw had the picnic tables set up under the tree and it was so nice.

The Spread!

I wasn't feeling super that night so when Brynn went to sleep I went to bed also. I learned the next morning Brad took the girls to see the city fireworks show and they said it was awesome!

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