Monday, September 29, 2008

What a Weekend!!!

Well, this weekend was great! First of all, I do not like to post that Brad is out of town and he was gone last week on an Elk Hunt in Colorado. It was awful with him gone and not knowing when or if I could talk to him!!! He travels some and it is usually okay. This time it was tougher. Probably because it was more like 10 days (or was supposed to be) He wasn't supposed to be back until today, but he had had enough! He came home Friday night and we were so excited!!!!!! Therefore, we had a fun Saturday! We went out to Papaw and Mamaw Grant's farm and played! Another exciting thing about this weekend was that Wes came home from college. It was great to see him and the girls were glad he was home also! He was at the farm as well!!
Saturday night was not as fun. Both girls are snotty and coughing so we had a rough sleepless night. We (and the girls) slept in on Sunday! I'm sure the kids in their Sunday School class appreciated that. They would have coughed and snotted on everyone!! especially Meg! Then, on Sunday afternoon, the Young Adults at church went and watched Fireproof. It was GREAT!! high budget film??? INCREDIBLE message??? ABSOLUTELY! I highly recommend it to all couples! It was such a breath of fresh air in today's society! To be able to sit in the theater and hear them say God and it not proceeded with "oh my"! To watch an entire movie without a cuss word or sex scene! And one more thing! My sis watched an interview with Kirk Cameron and he said in the scene where he was supposed to kiss his on screen wife, they brought in his actual wife!!! He said that kissing someone in a movie is no different than in real life! What a stance!

Anyway, here are some great pictures from the farm!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is one of the new kittens they got. They were just the girls' size and they loved them!!!!! this one is looking into the chicken cage and in the back right you can see the peacock!! The cage behind them is the goat pen, but the goats didn't want their picture made!!!! :)
Megan and Laci both got to sit in Poppy's lap and drive the tractor around the field!!! It will not be long before Laci can drive it by herself!!!!!
Megan with one of the new kittens!!!
Laci with the other kitten! Laci carried one of the kittens around all day. They would scratch and bite me but would let her carry them around and play!
We love Uncle Wes!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Wonder Place

Tuesday, Laci and Megan had a "playdate" with their friends Evie and Drew. We went to The Wonder Place. They had a blast, especially Laci! She could play all day there. But, with 3 babies under 2 we had to consider naptime! Either way it was fun and here are some pictures!

Laci at the veterinarian section! She had on her vet coat and was taking care of the animals!
Megan in her chef's hat eating the product!

Megan and Drew climbing up to the top of the tree!
Megan playing dress-up! moooooo!
Evie and Megan at the water feature. This is where the babies liked to hang out. We decided they were thirsty when they started drinking the water out of the toys!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Game Weekend!

I just love football season! The weather is cooler and there is so much to do on the weekends (if you want to). Friday night Laci went to the Panther football game with Sarah (even though Megan was the one wearing the Panther shirt)! Then, on Saturday, we went to a Sunday School game watching party! It was fun and we were all in red and white for that! Although, after the first few minutes we all had rather talk than watch the ballgame! Here are a few pictures of Megan from this weekend. Believe it or not, Laci didn't want me to take her picture...DIVA!

The reason Megan is not looking at me in the above picture is because she is standing on my vanity stool, looking at herself in the mirror!
Almost caught her looking!
Hog Game Day!!!
She was fading fast for naptime! So, I took her picture before I fixed her hair. Sure enough, after I fixed her hair, she would not cooperate and went to sleep shortly thereafter!

She's got her binky. You can tell she's sleepy!

Although I am partial to my kids and think are precious, I am not a mom that is quick to call them the smartest, cutest, sweetest, best, etc. But, I have to say Megan is about the funniest kid I know! I wish I could recall all of the stories that have us rolling! But, when it comes time to recall them I draw a blank! So, as I remember stories I want to record them on here. Not just for the fam, but for me as well! One of her most recent antics is a single word and head bob! She will look at you, shake her head back and forth and say, "DUH". It's like a 12 year old smart alick kid! We just roll in the floor laughing!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random Stuff

Lots of different things have been going on that have been keeping us busy so here are a few pics from the past few days!
First, Laci had an all day photo shoot on Monday. She was sad that she had to miss preschool, but when we told her the photo shoot was at the zoo, she was pumped! We were there from 9am until 4! She got her pictures made on the train which she and the other girls loved! We are usually scrounging around for money to ride the train and she got to ride it twice for free! They also brought them 4 baggies full of food to feed the fish and other animals while they took their pictures! It was a dream day for Laci! Here is a picture of Laci getting her hair/make-up done for the second round of pictures! This is for fall store posters. Some of the other pictures are already up in stores and these should be coming out not too long from now!

Laci and Megan have been playing well together lately! They are very lovey dovey. Especially Megan. She asks for Laci when she is gone to school and tells me to go "get er!!" These are a couple of pictures from yesterday when Laci got home from preschool! Megan walked up to the couch and hugged Laci and laid her head on her!!!!!
Loving daddy!!! Here are a few pictures of the girls loving their daddy! The first one is daddy's new hunting backpack! Laci wanted to show us she was strong enough to carry it!!!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Opening Day

Today was "Opening Day" at church. It is a day for men (or women, I guess) and their kids to come and see all kinds of Hunting stuff. They have fish tanks, animals, games, etc. I have never been. Laci went last year and had a good time. So, this morning, they suited up in their camo and headed to the church! Then, Poppy called and asked if he could take Megan and see the animals and fish! So, here are a few pictures of them ready to go! P.S. the horns are on the wall and they think it is hilarious to stand in front of them like they are on Laci's head!! hahaha

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Need a Good Laugh???

Let me start off by saying that I don't know how appropriate this video is! However, it is so funny I had to post it! In the spring Megan started saying peepee! So, I bought a little potty and started talking to her about it. I knew it was early but I thought I would give it a try. She went to the big girl potty 3 times (even poop) and I thought that this was it and she would be potty trained by 18 months. Then, the interest left and she could have cared less! Fast forward to today!!! She will show you where you are supposed to potty! But, when you say where does Megan potty. She will say pull-up (or she'll say Dora because Dora is on the pullup)! She will tell you after she has done it in her diaper! But, she will not sit on the potty and do it! Anyway, I was trying to video some of her funny answers last night and she did not disappoint!

The funny face she made after she pulled the pen lid off was showing her muscles I think!!! She knew the camera was on and was hamming it up!!!! Once Laci starts laughing at her she just loves to entertain! Enjoy!

Laci love preschool!!

Laci loves preschool!! She wants to go everyday! I am not ready for that. After I hung up her bag yesterday I turned and said give me a hug and she was already in her classroom. It took everything I had not to cry! I really am glad she loves it and hope she always loves it!

She sat down last night for an post-preschool interview!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hello, Sun!!!!

Yesterday afternoon we got out first look at the sun in about a week! The girls got to play outside and they pulled every toy out of the garage! I took some pictures of them playing with the sunset in the background! I just loved seeing the sun again!

Megan loves Laci's Escalade! She plays in it all the time. She has even learned to drive it! The only problem is that she cannot open the door to get in. So, she made her own way! I had to video it last night. Move over Dukes of Hazzard!

Then, she drives it. All she knows is how to put it in reverse or forward and push the pedal!

Finally, Megan is learning to ride her (Laci's old) bike! If I give her a little push, she can pedal about 3-5 more times! Then, she rocks back and forth trying to get it to go! Unfortunately, she tries to eat the handlebar when she is riding! It can make the bike tip over, but she doesn't care!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Get outta here, Gustav! and Laci's First Day of Preschool

Well, this week has not gone at all like I had expected. First of all, Happy Birthday, Brad!!! He turned 31 on Tuesday!!!!! Second, Hurricane Gustav has been parked over Central Arkansas the past 2 days and given us enough rain for the rest of the year! I cannot believe the amount of wind and rain this storm brought and with the absence of thunder, lightening and tornadoes (thank goodness) it was so strange! I am just so thankful I do not live on the coast! However, it did make for an interesting couple of days. We, as were many others, were without electricity for about 18 hours! Talk about stir crazy! I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to clean! Well, I couldn't vaccuum, my dustbuster ran out of battery, couldn't iron, couldn't wash cloths. So, I swept, dusted, and washed windows. Then, I was so hot and couldn't get cool, that Meg and I sat on the front porch watching it rain and letting our feet get wet! Anyway, we made it work and were just so thankful it wasn't any worse as some people had trees fall on their house! One funny sight was Megan's nap! It was too hot upstairs so I let her sleep in my bed. She likes to sleep with her blanket but that makes her sweat. And, with no air conditioner I knew we would have to find a solution! So, here is what I did!

I hooked the "ballpark" fan/mister on the side of the laundry basket so she would have some kind of air blowing on her! It worked...she took a 2 hour nap!

Laci's First Day of Preschool

Another big even on Wednesday was the first day of Preschool. We had no power so I couldn't get ready and the rain and wind were awful so I let Brad take her! God knew that is what I needed because I didn't want to cry at church! Brad and Laci were in the truck and I was standing in the garage when they were about to leave. I couldn't see Laci because the rain was so hard and Brad's windows are tinted. I waved goodbye, blew a kiss, and Brad held up one finger to tell me to hold on a second. I knew it....she was crying and upset and didn't want to go! My heart broke! Then, Brad rolled down the window and I saw the biggest smile! "see ya, mom!" She was officially a big girl! I did have a few tears after they left, but quickly became thankful that she was so excited about going! One mention about not wanting to go or one tear and I would have let her stay home with me!!!! Brad said she walked right in her class and didn't look back! She loved it and cannot wait to go back! She loves her teacher, Mrs. Laura and said she made a new friend. I snapped a few pics right when she got home!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

More Hogs!

I am attempting to do some painting in the dining room and I have had a step-ladder in there to do some measuring. Anyway, this is where I found Megan Saturday with the tape measure!!!

Once they got into their Hog gear on Saturday, the girls were wild! They were calling the Hogs all over the house! I had to get it on video!

Then, Laci wanted me to video her cheer. She went a little cheer clinic at her gymnastics place. She learned a cheer and has remembered it ever since. Unfortunately, she has her moma's accent! (cheer sounds more like chair)