Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brynn Bradley - 8 Months

Brynn turned 8 months old this week and again it's all going so fast! Another month full of her big ole precious smiles!!!!!

Brynn is crawling, sitting, standing and she can move herself around our ottoman. But, if she has to go longer distances, she will just drop and crawl. She will be sitting in the living room playing and the next thing I know she is in Laci and Megan's room playing with them.
She still has no teeth. But, that doesn't stop her from eating. She loves basically anything we let her try. She says dada, but that is about it when it comes to talking. She has learned to clap and will do that when we ask her to.
People have started saying who does she look like? Because she is really starting to have a look all her own. Still dark hair (that is growing like crazy) and bright blue eyes. She also has started letting out a squeel when someone takes something she is playing with away. Right now, it's so cute.
She loves water. Whether it is the swimming pool or the bathtub, she will splash and play for as long as I will let her. This week she started sticking her face in the water and it scared me to death.
We love you, little Brynnie!!!!!!

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