Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Beach - Megan

Megan was also fearless at the beach this year! Until she got wiped out that!!! She wore her puddle jumper part of the first day and then realized she could go out a little ways and jump the ways. She loved that. But on the red flag days she quickly realized it wasn't as fun and returned to wearing the puddle jumper. Towards the end of the week she wanted to spend most of her time at the pool.

She did love riding her boogie board on the calm water days.

She also spent a lot of time in her chair...eating!
At the pool, she turned into a little fish. Finally remembering that she did swim last year and she could still do it!

Look at that beautiful water!! And, my beautiful little Meg!!! Megan can talk to ANYONE and she will. She made many friends on the beach and at the pool. We would get on the elevator with an adult and she would say, "where's Jack" or "did you have fun at the waterpark" or "where's your sister." I would have no idea who these people were, but they answered her like they had known her for years! It's a gift of hers and I pray she never looses it!


Trumbo Family said...

She is a hoot, wish I could be around her more. I think Trenton and her will get married one day. HA! Those last two pics look JUST LIKE LACI and I've never thought that before!

harris1013 said...

That is too funny! She is a lil social butterfly. She is so cute!

Beck said...

Your girls are all so gorgeous! I love how their personalities always seem to show in the photos you take too. Looks like a great vacation!