Monday, July 4, 2011

Brynn Bradley - 7 months (a little late)

This post is way late, but it is because we have been on vacation!! And, I wish I was still there! While we were gone Brynn turned 7 months! My sister asked why I didn't do these pictures with a bow and it's because I am loving her hair! It is growing pretty quick, but my favorite is staying dark!!!!! I may have a dark haired baby with blue eyes. Here is a Brynnie update:

I am not sure of height and weight, but she is still petite. As of her 7 month birthday, she was crawling and pulling up. She was crawling all over the hotel rooms, condo, and even on the beach. Then, I would look over and she was standing up.
She loves to eat (even sand) and we recently introduced the puffs. She loved them and it really helps when we are sitting at a restaurant. She can say dada and says it all the time but that is about it when it comes to talking. She likes to blow toot noises. She has no teeth, which is about par for the Bohannan girls. I keep thinking one is going to poke through, but no such luck.
She was an absolute angel on the beach. Yes, she smiles all the time!!!!! She loved the sand and she loved the water. She would just splash and splash and didn't care if it got in her face. She also loved riding the waves in her floatie when the water was calm. We had a small pool for her on the beach and she would sit in it and play until she got tired and then, she would take a nap on the beach. We had a fan that we layed her by and it worked perfect.
We took her everywhere we went and she just enjoyed the ride. People always ask if she is really that happy and the answer is yes. However, I think yesterday morning at church she got a reality shock. After traveling and being spoiled for 2 weeks, I think she suddenly realized she was in the church nursery (when she should have been on the beach) and she freaked out! For the first time with Brynn, her Kiddie Keeper number came on the screen and I panicked! Laurie, our preschool minister, doesn't usually call me out because she can calm my kids pretty well. (the one time with Megan I got called out was because she got bit on the face). When I turned the corner I heard her screaming and then my fast walk turned into more of a....sprint (I even took my shoes off). When I got there, as soon as she realized it was me, she stopped crying and that was it. I really think she was just so disoriented after being on vacation and all out of sorts! Anyway, she was fine after that and we are getting back into our routine at home!
Another thing I learned about little Brynnie is that she tans well! My family is an outside family. We love to be outside, play outside, and swim!!! I am so thankful that all 3 of my kids tan easily. I put 100 spf on them each morning and reapplied with 85 spf wetskin throughout the day. Brynn's little legs and arms got a little darker and it's so cute. But, you would think I never put sunscreen on Meg and Laci. They are dark little girls.
Happy 7 months, Brynnie Bradley!!!!! We love you!!!!

Lots of beach posts to come!! I ended up with 722 pictures! Don't worry...I won't post them all!!! hahaha

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Trumbo Family said...

She is the most precious little girl I think I have ever seen...Can't wait to see all your vacation pics!! I miss the beach too!!