Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Golfing Saturday

This past Saturday we decided to try out a new driving range in Little Rock. It was pretty neat and not very crowded and when you are taking 3 children to a driving range that is a good thing! I love going to the driving range because Brad has his stepladder of girls. There is me, then Laci, then Megan and then Brynn Bradley is crawling around eating golf tees! haha

Megan had a hard time getting her tee in the ground!

Laci did really well and hit a lot of balls, which is good since it was so hot!
Meg still having trouble with her tee.
Brynn says what, I'm not getting anything!
We had such a fun day. Brad always says I don't have to wear pink and they don't have to wear a bow. So, he was glad to see on this day I dressed all 3 in collared shirts, shorts and tennis shoes!!! (proper golf attire) But, I still managed to throw in some pink...and some hairbows!

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