Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ups and Downs

Today was a day full of ups and downs. To start off, the whole group (besides Me and Meg) went on a boat ride where they catch shrimp and you get to pick it up and play with it! It was supposed to be amazing! However, it was shortened by rain and lightening! Here are a couple of pics before the rain!

I am having camera problems also. While they were gone and just before the rain, Megan and I went to the beach! I took my camera and we had 2 problems. It took like 20 minutes for my camera to quit fogging up!!! I have the defog spray and I wiped it down, but something is wrong and it fogs up inside. Anyway, by the time I was ready to photograph Megan she was not interested and would not smile or even look at me! So, here is what I got!!!
Then, we went to the beach, all 16 of us, to take pictures in our white cloths. We got on the beach and my camera, it's a piece. By the time it quite fogging up, everyone was heading up stairs. I got a couple of pics so here they are!
This is Brad and his mom.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Interesting day!

Today was a little different day than usual. This morning instead of heading to the beach, Brad and I played 30 minutes of Racketball and 30 minutes of tennis. It was fun and we got a good sweat going on. Then, we got the girls (they were with mimi and granddad) and headed for the beach (after a quick stop by the pool). About 30 minutes after arriving, the darkest cloud rolled in and it grew almost chilly. We packed up and headed inside, just in the nick of time. The rain came pouring! We got to our room, washed the sand off and put Megan to bed. By that time the sun was shining brighter than it has all week. It was hot and the beach was full! I decided I'd let this "prime sun time" pass and enjoy relaxing in my room. Brad and Laci went to the grocery store and I put Meg to bed and curled up on the deck and read. It was awesome! A little later in the afternoon, we headed to the beach and pool and we got plenty of sun. Here are a few pics.

Laci getting braver!!! The waves got pretty rough this afternoon and she did great!!! My beautiful Laci, growing up way too fast! She's learning some lessons this week! You'll read more about that later!!!! At night, some of Mr. Bruce's family came in and we ate in the pavillion by the pool. There was a grassy area and the girl's had a blast running and playing. Laci is having a hard time as all of the girls want to play with Meg because she is the smallest. Laci gets on the nerves of the 10 and 6 year olds because she is younger. But, she is too old (she thinks) to play with the 2 and 3 year olds. She is doing okay! It's harder for mom and dad, than her, I think. Here are the girls lined up on the grass! After this picture I spent the next 30 minutes spotting backhandsprings with the girls. I became an instant hit! Laci had a hard time sharing her moma, however!!!!
We also had watermelon! Megan has eaten more in the last two night than I have eaten in the last 2 weeks. She had two ears of corn on the cob tonight. Followed by about 4 slices of watermelon!!!! Needless to say her poop tonight was...large, to say the least!!!!!

Sweet lil Meg!!! She has a personality like no other!!!! Lately, she has added "love you" to list of many sentences!! Funny story...One of Brad's stepbrother-in-laws' name is Todd. In the pool today Megan looked at a random man, pointed and said, "Todd." Kathy said no Meggie, that's not Todd. He said actually I am Todd. He thought she was pretty smart!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our First Night Out!

Tonight we went out to eat with Kathy and Bruce (Brad's mom and step-dad). We went to a place called The Crab Trap. It was wonderful!!! Here are a few of the pictures we took outside the eating place!

After eating Brad brought Meg and I back to the condo while he and Laci went to play putt-putt and ride go-karts. Brad took the above picture when they were playing!

Day 2 at the Beach!!!

Good Morning Ocean!!

It's always a good morning at the beach!! This morning was no exception. Here are a few pics of the girls eating breakfast and it gives a good look at the condo! It is so cute!!!!!! The colors are awesome and Megan loves the giraffe in the corner!!!

Also, this is a funny picture I wanted to share. We are here this week with Brad's mom and step-dad. Also here are Brad's 2 step-sisters and their families. This includes their 6 daughters. All together there are 8 little girls and they range in age from Megan (19 months)-Grayce(almost 10) We lined them up the best would could for a picture!!! It was awesome!!! The names and (rough) ages are under the picture!!!

Megan-19 months, Heidi-2, Lucy-3, Laci-4, Kate-6, Haley-6, Hanna-9, Grayce-9. I am not exactly sure of the older girls ages but that is close. And, yes Laci and Kate are almost the same size. Laci is tall and Kate is small!! They are all too cute!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

We are officially...

on vacation!!!! We made it to Gulf Shores and have made it through out first of 14 days! It was a good day with a few surprises. First, Megan loved the sand and the water. She doesn't mind walking in it, playing in it and getting covered in sand! She did great and Brad brought her up for a nap, which was not a problem seeing that the beach wore her out!!! The second surprise, Laci was highly afraid of the water!!!! Two years ago, she had no problem. Today, she didn't mind the sand and stayed there most of the day. However, she slowly started easing her way into the water. By the end of the day she would go in as long as she was holding on to someone! So, I am sure it will get less scary each day!!! I have included some pictures from today!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bad Mom???

Megan fell last night...which we have become accustomed to due to her climbing obsession! However, she fell last night and hit our fireplace hearth (I guess that is what you call it)! Anyway, it is made out of brick and it's called squished morter. The morter squishes through the brick and it is not very forgiving to people that fall into it. Meg slipped on something and hit her mouth. I think she bit her tongue, but the main injury was her fat lip! Despite the massive bleeding and crying it wasn't an emergency. Just a ugly fat lip! Her is a picture of her "new" smile today!

I also took a video this morning because it was so cute. She doesn't even realize her lip is fat. When I ask her about her booboo she points to a VERY small scrape on her leg!!!!!

Aunts and Uncles

The girls are so blessed to have aunts and uncles that love them tons. They've loved having Wes home for the summer and are so pumped that Sarah and Ben have moved into the neighborhood. (I kind of like that, too) We went to the lake with some dear friends and had so much fun. Here are a few pics of how much fun the girls had with Uncle Wes, Uncle Ben and Auntie Sarah!!!

Auntie and Laci were getting ready to show how Laci can ride the tube!! Laci did such a good job. She was not scared at all and rode the tube several times. She must have gotten that fearlessness from her daddy. It was definitely not from me!!!

Here they are on the tube! It was a good thing Auntie Sarah was there, because I would not have gotten in that thing, especially with daddy driving!!!

Uncle Wes held Megan so she could watch Auntie and Laci ride the tube! I think Meg could've rode the boat all day! She loved it!

And, then she got in the water!!!!!! Auntie put Megan in the water and she absolutely loved it!!! She liked floating around and riding the waves made by other boats!

This was her favorite way to lay. She just kicked back and relaxed! Look at those pointed toes! That's my girl!!!Auntie, Uncle Wes and Megan. It was getting dark and the boys (and Laci) were about to head out on the lake!! They just couldn't wait until the next day!!! Megan was already in her jonnies (pajamas)!

Uncle cute is he?????

Laci and her uncles....Uncle Wes and Uncle Ben (Benny)

Benny and Auntie

Laci relaxing on the boat with Uncle Wes! Laci rode the boat everytime, whether it was boys turn or girls turn. She rarely took her lifejacket off because she didn't want to miss an opportunity to ride!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dressing Alike!!!!!

One thing I love about having 2 girls is dressing them alike!! I don't know how long they will let me do this and I do not do it often, but when I can...I love it!!! Here are a few pics of them and their newest look alike outfits!!!!

This absolutely melts my heart!!! They usually do get along pretty well. We are getting ready for vacation so hopefully I'll get to post next week from the beach!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

My First Blog?

Well, I have officially created a blog! I love keeping up with other people through their blogs, so I thought it would be fun to try to keep up with one for our families and friends! A quick update on our family and then I am going to try to figure out how all of this works! Brad and I have been married for about 6 years. We have two awesome girls! Laci Kyle is 4 years old. She loves gymnastics and does not like dance! She loves to be in the water and and going to church! She caught her first fish (completely by herself) yesterday in the pond behind our house! Laci is Miss Independent and already calls herself a Princess! (sorry Auntie Sarah, your reign has ceased). Then, there is Megan Lynn. Megan is almost 20 months old. She is a spitfire! She looks a lot like Laci, however, acts very differently. She is my wild child. She can climb on anything. We were able to put the baby gate away several months ago because she had no problem managing the stairs. She has climbed into our bathroom sinks and into the kitchen sink. She is hilarious and can already take on her sister! Megan also likes to eat. Brad says pound for pound she can out eat anybody!

Brad is in Medical Sales and I stay at home with my girls and I LOVE IT! We live back in my hometown, Benton (never thought I'd say that).

That is a quick update and now I am going to try to figure out how to add pictures and do the stuff you do on here!...I figured out how to do pictures. Here are a few recent ones!

Here is the most recent picture of the girls. We went to the lake and they both had their first experience on the boat. They loved it. Megan couldn't get used to the life jacket though! I'll post more about this later!!

This is Laci a few weeks ago playing on the back deck. She had the waterhose out and was trying to keep all of us cool!

Megan ready for Mommy and Me gymnastics! She loves to go, but all she likes to do it jump on the tumble tramp. I get more of a workout than she does, I think!

Laci on our deck! She models for Dillards and has been since November. She has learned to turn it on for the camera!

Below, is Megan and Mommy trying to keep from getting squirted by Laci!