Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Beach

This was my first time at Pensacola in a long time. It was pretty good. But, definitely not Destin.

We had beautiful weather, but the water was still cold!

Didn't stop the girls from trying to enjoy it!

Brynn Laying Out

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Naval Museum

One the day we arrived in Pensacola we knew out hotel wouldn't be ready that early so we went to the Naval Museum and had a great time! I had been there once before (thanks Vance family) so I was a little familiar!

Brad and Laci did a the simulator, so Megan (and Brynn) and myself went and sat in some of the planes. Megan was pretending she was riding a roller coaster.
very cool place...and big!
While we were in Gulfport waiting on our room to be ready the day before we got to see the Blue Angels practicing. It was amazing and very loud. They came so close to our hotel and the girls would scream! They were doing all kinds of formations and flips, it was incredible! So, it was neat when we got to the museum to see the blue angels up close and even sit in them.

I love the picture below. Megan was not at all sure about sitting in these things. She said they were dirty and broke! I told her that was kind of the idea. I love her face, especially when the side of the plane says, "Danger Ejection Seat."
It didn't take her long to warm up to pushing all of the buttons!
Laci in the Blue Angel
The girls flying a plane...haha

It was soooo much fun and the girls loved it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Brynn - 4 months (at the beach)

Stats Update:
Brynn Bradley
Weight: 12 lbs (13%)
Length: 23.75 in. (25%)
Head 15.75 in. (19%)

The first time her little toes touched the sand!! I know this is not that big of a deal for us, it is! We love the beach!! And, hopefully, this will be the first of many times that little toes are in the sand!!!!

awwwwwwwwwwww! A great feeling!!!!! Digging your toes into the Destin sand!!!

While we were gone on our trip Brynn turned 4 months old. I was so excited to get to take her 4 month pictures on the beach!! I love it there!!!
She was a great traveler and didn't mind at all sleeping in her pack and play in the hotel. She would even sleep during the day when we would be in the hotel and the girls were playing. She is a true joy!
She continues to smile, laugh, and talk all the time! She rolls all over the place. From stomach to back and back to stomach. We have to watch her a lot more now because she can roll off the bed. But, for the most part she is content to lay and play with her toys (and watch Laci and Megan play).
Speaking of toys, she loves them. She grabs them and holds on. She loves to make the toys make noise. Also, everything goes to her mouth. She puts her toys in her mouth, her fist and has been taking her binkie in and out of her mouth. I have even caught her sucking her thumb. If you put your finger in her mouth she will gum it to death.
She loves her sisters, still laughing and smiling when they are around. She recognizes her bottle. When she hears us shaking it up she starts squirming. And, when she sees it, her mouth opens and she goes right for it! She also drools a ton!!! The top of her shirts stay wet!
For the most part, people still say she looks like Aunt Sarah and Megan. But, there are lots of people who say she doesn't look like her big sisters. Her hair is growing like crazy (staight up), and it still coming in dark!!! Eyes are definitely blue!
We go tomorrow for her 4 month check-up so we will get some stats then!

I look forward to the new adventures month 5 brings with my 3 girls!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break 2011

We got back from our Spring Break trip late last night. This is my first time back on my computer and I am looking forward to posting about each leg of our trip. We traveled with Brad as he worked in his territory and ended up in Atlanta to see Wes. Here are a few pics from the first 2 stops.

We stopped in Jackson, MS for one night and then Gulfport, MS for one night.
Brynn didn't mind the hotel!

We were within walking distance of an open air shopping center that was amazing! We walked over there to shop, eat supper, and ended the evening getting some ice cream!
We let the girls play in the sand in Gulfport on the afternoon we arrived.
This is the view from our hotel balcony before we left for the next stop on our journey, Pensacola.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Planes and Dedication

Brad and Laci have been doing a lot together lately, so Brad and Megan had a special day Saturday. Brad got the opportunity (thanks to great friends) to fly to Fayetteville for the day and he took Megan with him!! It was her first plane ride and they had a blast!! She was nervous talking a mile a minute. Once she got in the air, however, she was wondering why the plane stopped moving because it was so smooth! It was a great day and she felt pretty special!

Also, this past Sunday was baby dedication. Baby Dedication had become quite the "show" at our church and a couple of year ago they decided to make some changes and make it more intimate, special and assure that the parents realized why and what the baby dedication meant. It was AWESOME! A few weeks ago we had a dinner with all the new parents that participated and talked about being Godly parents, Godly spouses and really making that commitment to "Train up our children" according to God's word. Then, Sunday afternoon, in front of a small group of family/friends and anyone that wanted to attend, we made that public statement and commitment of giving our children back to God. It was a very special time and I love the new way they do dedication! It really keeps, "the main thing, the main thing."

It was also nice that is was so "intimate" because just before Laurie stepped to the microphone to begin, Brynn decided to fill her diaper...twice. So, I looked at Laurie and said just a second, please!!!! We changed her diaper and then, got started!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Red Velvet and Laughter

Megan, Brynn and myself made my new favorite recipe the other day. Red Velvet Cupcakes...from scratch. Recipe from Paula Deen. They are fairly easy to make and the girls love doing things together.
I haven't been cooking as much lately because I am on a "diet." And, I don't like to cook and feel like I can't eat it so I have been working on some healthy dinners and things and it's worked out great! Lots of good recipes and ideas I have come up with that are healthy and Brad and the girls like as well!
Meg and Brynnie hanging with all the ingredients.
This is the base for the icing!!! THE ICING!! Not even what goes in the cupcakes themselves!
The Product!!

I have finally downloaded some of the videos from my phone.
Brynn has become quite vocal and we are loving getting to know her personality.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Talent Show 2011

The talent show at Laci's school was this past Tuesday night. It is Laci's second year in the show and she had a great time again! This year their group doubled in size and did a very cute dance to "Stuck Like Glue." They were once again, precious!
We took some pictures at their last practice.

Sweet Memories
These are some of the pictures I took on Dress Rehearsal night.

Sassy Britches!
We were surprised again yesterday when we got the local paper and Laci was on the cover. Last year her whole group was on the front page and this year she was on the front doing a backbend. It must be the tutu's they wear!!