Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Beach - with friends

It just so happened that this year at the beach most of Benton decided to go the same week. We ran into lots of people we knew and even got to have dinner with good friends one night. It just so happened some very good friends stayed in the same condo as us!!! Even on the same floor!!! It was great for the kids to have friends to play with, the girls had people to talk to and boys had lots of "guys" to do guy things.
There was an afternoon whiffle ball game, lots of throwing the football and on one of the red flag days they tried body surfing. One of the most amusing activities was on one of the days when the water was rough, the guys decided they would try and stand and let the wave hit them and see who could stand through it! I don't think anyone of them did it! Here is one of my favorites. You can see the wave crashing the side of Brad's head and hitting Brandon right in the face.

The boys searching for the perfect wave!!!
Megan and Evie
Look what I found!!!
Drew, Evie and Megan

All of the kids loved Hannah and Wes. I have known these kids since birth and if Hannah and I walked up at the same time they would all run to Hannah!!! In fact, Hannah and I were walking up from the beach and heard someone yelling, "hey Hannah," from the balcony. I looked up and said, "hey drew." And, she was so cute and simply said, "get Hannah." haha I don't blame them!
Michael playing catch with Wes
wave jumping with Hannah!!
I cannot believe I do not have any pictures of the rest of us playing! Mrs. Susie was so fun and spent most days playing in the waves with us! And, one afternoon, Anna, Christa and myself had our goggles on "exploring." It was fun to watch our kids play plus get to play ourselves!

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