Monday, February 27, 2012

Marathon Time

Laci ran in the Little Rockers Marathon on Saturday through her school. They run one mile. But, in the course of the last few months they have had to run a total of 26 miles to prepare for this mile. She did it and did a great job!!!!!

Megan wanted to run soooo bad!!!

Brynn didn't want to run...she was in charge of water breaks!

Laci in the middle of the pack at the starting point!
Megan was waiting on Laci to pass us!
Here she comes!!!!!!

Way to go, Laci!!!!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Daddy and Daughters

Monday night our church had our Daddy Daughter Date Night. This was Laci and Brad's 3rd year to go and they had a great time! It's for Kindergarten-12th grade girls and their Dad's, so Meg will get to go next year!

She likes to pose just a little bit!
And, I got to be there this year which made it fun for me. I tried to stay out of their way, but had to get my picture with our big girl!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Disney - Day 4

Our final day at Disney World was when the cheerleaders were in the finals. And, it was a great thing because it was inside and that was cold!!!!! So, we slept in a little and then headed to the Wide World of Sports!!!

The future Erin Andrews.....times 2!
It was hard keeping them off of the mat!
Benton....these girls are amazing! They brought home 6th place in the Nation. This was a let down as they won 2 year ago and were runner's up last year. It wasn't their day!!! But, I was so proud of them!!! They were classy, mature and so kind even after the competition!!!! Made me Proud to be a Benton Panther!!!!!!!

Laci, of course, got on the big screen!
Again, with Jenny C.!!!!
After the competition we went to Downtown Disney for some supper and then headed to the Lego store. By that time we were done!!! Super cold and tired!!! Time to pack up and head home!
It was an awesome trip!!! A great time with our big girls!!! Many memories were made. I think they enjoyed the 2 on 2 time and we were all glad to see Brynnie when we got home! She was in good hands with Nonny and Poppy. Oh, when we got home her sippy cup had coke in it!! I also think Laci and Megan are looking forward to taking Brynn some day and showing her how we do Disney!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Disney - Day 3

Day 3 we hit Hollywood Studios. That is where the cheerleaders were competing that day.
This was one of our favorite parks, along with Magic Kingdom.
Here are the cheerleaders about the take the floor!
Go Benton!!! They are amazing and although it wasn't their best performance, they made it straight to finals and did not have to do their routine again that day.
Then, off to ride rides and watch shows.
Toy Story...definitely a favorite!
Backlot tour
Piglet...we matched!
And, Minnie!!! People have asked how Meg did with the characters. It's funny because at Disney World the characters are untouchable....unless you stand in the 45 minute line to see them!!! (we were not waiting in line to see someone in a costume) Anyway, so it didn't bother Megan because she knew she couldn't touch them, but it made her want to meet them more. So, when we saw Minnie with no line....she sprinted!!! And, again, we matched outfits!!!!
Laci and the chicken house from Hannah Montanna!

Stunt Show....we loved this!

When we decided to leave we happened to catch the parade! We watched the parade and at the end the girls jumped on the rope that signified the end of the parade and we followed it all the way to the front gate!! Laci and Megan thought they were completely in the parade, waving and all!!!
Then, we headed to Epcot for one last Test Track ride and to see the countries that we didn't get to see the first time! (should have skipped that part)
But, we did get to see Mulan!
And, just for fun!!! This guy was also in line for Mulan...I'm sure she was impressed!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Disney - Day 2

We spent day 2, literally 8am-8pm, at Magic Kingdom. We were able to ride every ride there (that was open). There were a couple of rides closed, but it was fine! There was plenty to do. I had so many pictures from this day, I just picked a few to share the highlights!

I loved watching them sprint to the castle!!!!

Lots of 3D at Disney!
About to ride the 2nd worst ride there (in my opinion)....It's A Small World!
One of the shooting rides. We were too cheap to buy the pictures, so we just took a pic of the pic!!
And, about to ride the worst ride at the park (again, my opinion)...Tea Cups!!! can you say vomit?! Never ride this ride with Brad Bohannan if you get motion sicknesss!
Laci driving a go-kart...kind of!
My Big Princess!

My Little Princess and her...turkey leg!!!!
And, look who we ran into that evening....Jenny C. and the Benton Cheerleaders!!! Definitely a highlight for my girls!
We finished the day by riding the ferry back to the parking lot and watching the fireworks from the dock. It was perfect and we beat the crowds back to our car!!!