Thursday, December 30, 2010

A lil Bit of Christmas (picture overload)

Twas the night before Christmas...
The girls in their Christmas jammies ready to go to bed! Megan wore the same gown as Brynn has on when she was a baby.
We always wake up Christmas at our house as a family of 4....I mean family of 5 this year! Here are the girl's piles from Santa.
Santa even left a basketball goal.
We enjoy watching the girl's excitement as they come down the stairs and see what was left by Santa!

Brynn didn't much care for the excitement!
This year we did something new that I would like to continue. Now that Laci can read, we had her read the real Christmas story on Christmas morning. It was pretty neat and I think the girls enjoyed it. Megan even sat still and listened!
After we finish up at our house we head to my mom and dad's for Breakfast and Christmas over there. When we arrived, Sarah had already done her job of sorting the piles! Mom tends to go a little crazy at Christmas!
Brynn was ready to go at Nonny and Poppy's house!
Megan's big gift was her very own pink recliner!
Laci's big gift was a scooter! She was pretty surprised!
Wes had to try it out first! We are going to have to practice with Laci. She rode it and did a great job. But, it goes pretty fast and it made me nervous!
Brynnie and her new giraffe from Uncle Benny and Auntie!
Christmas night we were invited over to the Quinn's for Christmas dinner. It was so fun and relaxing. And, the food was delicious! Here are a couple pics before we left.
During the parent switch Megan's head got bumped by the camera so that is why she is crying in this picture.
The day after Christmas we went to church and out to eat for the first time as a family of 5, just us. It was fun.
Then we came home to have Christmas with Brad's dad, Step-mom and Step-sister.
Here is one of the things we had every day this week!! A fire! It was awesome!
The girls got matching pink BB guns!
Laci and her sewing machine.
Megan and her gas station which she has been wanting for some time!
We had Christmas earlier in the week with Brad's mom and step-dad. They got the girls and XBox Kinnect and we have had a blast playing with that. I have some pictures and videos that I hope to get loaded soon!

It was an amazing Christmas and we are truly blessed (spoiled). We are thankful for our family, immediate and extended and we hope to never take that for granted! This year was a the first Christmas in a long time that we were missing loved ones. Christmas at the farm was awesome, but was different without Papaw Grant. He would have loved our Dirty Santa gifts this year and I'm sure he would have played dirty to get the good gifts!! This also would have been Weslee Faith's first Christmas. And, although it has been awhile since we have lost her, she was definitely missed and on my mind throughout the holidays.
With sadness comes much joy. This year we also had blessings. Brynn was a blessing to all and such a joy to have with us this Christmas. Also, the week before Christmas our cousin Katie got married to Jace. And, although he has endured our Christmas's at the farm in the past, this year he was an official member of the family and it was great to celebrate their marriage.
2011 will bring ups and downs I am sure. But, no matter what God is good and I am looking forward to see what he has in store.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Brynn Bradley - 1 month old

It is going too fast!! I can't believe Brynn is one month old! Here is a one month update:

Brynn is a great baby. She cries only when she is hungry. She is growing like crazy, but still a tiny little thing! Although she has developed a double chin! She is still wearing her newborn diapers and newborn cloths. However, I am beginning to start trying some of the 0-3 month cloths.
It took her belly button thing 3 weeks to fall off. Kind of stressed me out a bit.
She is very good with her sisters, letting them hold her and play with her like she is a baby doll. She loves bathtime, sitting in her swing and her bouncy seat.

She is starting to focus on things and realize who we are. She smiles all the time!! Several people have commented on how much she smiles, especially when she is sleeping. I know it's involuntary but it's so dang cute!
Brynn has fit right into our schedule and goes along for the ride most days. She has been to her sister's gymnastics, Wal-mart, Target (many times), the mall and on several shopping excursions! She is very easy and I am so appreciative of this time (because I know it could change any day). I made my first shopping trip by myself with all 3 girls yesterday and went great! We went several places and got a lot done! It wasn't that bad, but I still love it when my mom and/or sister goes along for that extra bit of help!
Brynn is truly a blessing and I am so thankful for her and what she means to this family!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We had an amazing service this morning at church! I look forward to seeing what God is going to do next year at FBC!!!

After church I took a few pics. Laci of course was on stage posed before I could get my camera out. But, I had to tell Megan she could go on stage and then she decided she would let me take her picture!

They are glad to have Uncle Wes home!

I actually got to jump in a picture!
We caught daddy in the foyer and of course he wanted a picture with his girls! I love this one because even though Laci is looking off, little Brynn is smiling!!!

Yes, that is on stage at church! I heard someone behind me say, "that's the preacher's granddaughter laying on the stage." lovely!
Daddy and his girls!!! It doesn't get much sweeter than this!!
One of these days we'll have a family picture...with all five of us!
Looking forward to week home with my 3 girls and doing lots of fun Christmas projects, baking and shopping!!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gonna make this post short and sweet, like my labor and delivery. After spending an entire weekend having contractions and wondering if I was in labor or not, I decided to call the doc early Monday morning (knowing he would probably tell me to wait until Tuesday). But, to my surprise, when I told him my symptoms he said to go to L&D and see what's going on. When I got there the nurse checked me and said I was dialated to 1 and 1/2 but having some steady contractions. She said Tuesday was busy so she wanted me to stay. So, she had me walk the halls for 2 hours and pray I was dilated to 2 so the doctor would let me stay. And, it worked!

Here I am after I heard they were admitting me!! Yeah!!!! They started Pitocin around noon and got me all hooked up. Shortly after that, they broke my water.
Megan was going to assist!
Brad was glad we were staying also!!!
It didn't take long (one dose of pit) to start feeling contractions and things to start moving along. So, didn't hesitate to ask for some stadol and have the epidural on stand-by! And, before long I was out!!!!!
The nurse said she was going to check me at 5:30, but I didn't make. As it was getting close to 4 I said it was getting close. I was right, I was at a nine. So, she starting setting up the room and we were getting ready. Mom and Sarah were in the room this time and they started pacing. About 5:15 I said it is time to push. She told me I was at a 10 and to let her see how I pushed. She said hold off I am going to call the doc and tell him to hurry!!! Dr. B arrived around 5:30 and I was just breathing through the contractions until he was ready. About 5:45 I started pushing and Brynn Bradley made her debut at 5:59 pm.
She came out screaming and hasn't hardly screamed again since.
And, let me tell you...I was relieved! Back pain...instantly gone!!!! Well, probably because I was still numb!
Proud Parents with our 3rd little Princess! She did not look like either one of the girls when she was born.
And, Laci and Megan got to help give her the first bath! A very special time!!!
It was a great experience and we were home the next evening. I am loving every second and trying not to take any day for granted! I love Brad and my girls!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Giant Update (lots of pics)

So, I haven't been the best blogger. Not because I have been busy but because I just haven't beent that into it! But, I've had some family and friends ask so I am going to try to be better. Here is a post with lots of pics to catch up. And, I think the pics loaded backwards, but that okay!

My 3 girls
Laci has started basketball! This is her first year so she is learning as she goes! Here she is after her first game where she scored the first basket of the season!
Laci and little sister sleeping!
My precious Brynn.
Megan after getting her haircut at a fun place where they put pink in her hair!
Megan got to sing in big church last Wednesday night and here she is before the big performance! I was sick so I didn't get to go, but I saw her video and she did great!
Megan also turned 4 on December 7th and this year she celebrated big time! This is her on her actual birthday before preschool where she was the leader and got to bring treats of her choice!

Megan at her birthday party at Party Central (the jumping place).
No, that is not a black thing in Laci's tooth, it's another big milestone, Laci lost her first tooth! One of her teachers at school pulled it and she was so excited!
Again, my precious Brynn! I am so in love with this sweet girl! It's amazing how God gives you enough love for all your babies!
She is a wonderful baby that tolerates the noise and busyness of this household perfectly.
We've had a rough week with me being sick (mastitis) and trying to get Brynn to take some formula and not throw it up! But, I think we have it figured out now and I am feeling much better! I don't know if any of you mom's have felt this way but I am so emotional knowing she is my last baby! Just like with Laci everything was a first, now, with Brynn, everything is the last. The last time at the hospital to deliver a baby, last time to breastfeed, last time to deal with the belly button thing. Every time she grows out of an outfit and I have to put it in a tub to go in the attic, I find myself in tears! I do not want to have any more kids, I want to focus on the 3 I have. I just hope I can enjoy every minute and not wish a bit of it away! I love being a mom and I really love this newborn time!
My first time to put Meg and Brynn in matching outfits! They didn't have one for Laci. :(

Woo Pig!! Brynn's first Razorback game day!

Okay, that was a lot in one post but I think we are kind of up to date!