Thursday, December 31, 2009

7 years and counting...

This past Monday, December 28th, Brad and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! It was awesome!!! It just so happened that Monday was the first day of NCA National Cheerleading Competition in Dallas. I have been wanting to go since last year and Brad was adamant on not spending his anniversary at a cheerleading competition. Little did I know he had been in contact with Mrs. Hilborn (cheer coach) and had it planned all along. We left Sunday and came back Tuesday. We stayed in the same hotel as the cheerleaders so I got to watch them practice. Monday we went to The Galleria and then went on to the competition so I could watch some of the other squads. It was awesome. By the way, have you heard??? Benton High School Cheerleaders are NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!! WAY TO GO GIRLS!

Monday night we ate at Wolfgang Puck's new (rotating) restaurant. It is the ball at the top of Reunion Tower that overlooks the city of Dallas. We also got to drive by the new Dallas Stadium. We were going to go on a tour but it was closed this week. We also drove by the Grassy Nolle and Book Depository and saw the X on the road where JFK was assassinated. I am so intrigued by that so we drove by several times. It was such a fun an relaxing few days. Except for the 3 minutes Benton was performing!

I do not have any pictures because when it's just Brad and I we never take pics. I have some on my phone which I will attempt to post later.

The last 7 years have been awesome and I love Brad more than ever! Not too many guys would spend their Anniversary at a cheerleading competition when there is so many sports venues so close!! I am not real mushy mushy or romantic, so I'm not going to waste my sweet comments on the blog! Just want to wish Brad a Happy 7 years and looking forward to the next 7!!!


Trumbo Family said...

How sweet! Sounds like a good weekend. Happy Anniversary guys!! BTW....I had a dream that Ben Mizell could levitate himself like that magician David Blaine! HA

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad to see Lisa is already having the funky pregnancy dreams. Haha. Anyway, that sounds like a good time--I can't imagine Matt watching a cheerleading competition so kuddos to Brad! I had no idea about the Benton Cheerleaders...impressive!