Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was a full and fun day!
We woke up Christmas morning at our house! It was so fun to hear Laci come down the stairs and her run in the our room telling us how cool the living room looked. We all finally woke up and went to see the spread that Santa left.

Here is our living room:
Megan on her new drumset!
Then, for lunch everyone came over for chili! Papaw Bo and Mimi and Angie stayed around for us to open presents and boy did the girls rack up!!!

Here is Laci opening her new motorized scooter:
Megan and her new baby care station:
Christmas night we headed over to my mom and dad's house to do Christmas over there. We ate, once again, and waited patiently to open presents. Ben had to work and did not get off until 7, so we waited until he got home to tear into the gifts!

Here is Sarah patiently waiting on Ben:
Here is Laci not so patiently waiting in front of her stash:
Mom goes crazy at Christmas. We always have fun seeing the piles of presents for each person! Here are a couple of the piles:
This picture cracks me up. While waiting on Ben, Elf was on tv. I hate that movie. But, apparently Megan loves it. Here she is laughing at the movie:

After Ben arrived we tore into the presents and here are a couple highlights! Mom got the girls matching shirts to wear to watch Wes play ball. Laci is showing the front and Megan is showing the back with Wes's number.
Mom also got the girls matching gymnastics suit and shorts. Of course they had to model them!

Despite all of the heartache and sadness 2009 brought, we are all blessed beyond what we deserve! Just having our family and being able to get together is a true blessing.
This Christmas brought many new emotions for me and I will share those later.
For now, I wish everyone a wonderful Wednesday!


Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Well, it has taken me a second to get over the fact that you hate the movie Elf--don't worry, I think we can still remain friends. Haha. You guys were very blessed for Christmas. We got Lilly the same baby changing station and she loves it. It will also take her like a year to figure everything out on it so that is a plus. I love the picture of Sarah and the girls in the last post. I am so glad you guys had such a blessed Christmas!

Debbie said...

Come link up both of your blogs with the Arkansas Bloggers group. It's not a finished product yet, but it is a start. Maybe perfection will come later:) There are no rules or obligations...just a working list of people with Arkansas or Arkansas-related blogs. Happy New Year! Kate only wanted babies for Christmas...she got 7!

OliviaK said...

My favorite part of this post is the temporary tats on Megan.
Cracking me up..
Hope those aren't the ones I gave her... seems like i'm always to blame!