Saturday, January 2, 2010

I can dress myself...

To this day Laci basically wears whatever I lay out for her to wear. Megan, on the other hand, likes to dress herself. And, she has two major issues. She does not like long sleeves and she wants to wear flip-flops, at all times. I will get her dressed and then she will come down the stairs in something totally different. Here is one of her many looks! She put this on the other day because she wanted to go with Sarah.

A black and white dress that is clearly too short.
Brown jacket and brown boots (at least not flip-flops)!
No leggings or pants and it is 40 degrees outside.
Needless to say it is a daily battle!!!!!
Can't fault a girl for having her own sense of style, I guess!


Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Oh my gosh! That is the most precious outfit ever!! I am laughing so hard. I had a pair of jelly shoes that my mom used to have to hide from me because I wanted to wear them with my nice dresses to church and everything else. Again, she is just the cutest stinking thing...and personally, I like her style. It may be not be practical for the weather..but I still love it! Megan-- the trendsetter! (c;

Mizell Family said...

haha I wonder what she's thinking?? Maybe Auntie's dresses are too short?? I do love a short dress w/ boots or high heels?!! I'm telling you she's going to be just like me :) attitude & all!!

The Browns said...

Your girls are so beautiful! They have the cutest smiles & are so cute! At least she likes wearing clothes & doesn't like to walk around naked all the time ;) That's the way me & my twin sister were at that age! HA :)


OliviaK said...

When I let her dress herself a few weeks ago she put on her pink boots. I'm thinking she's gonna be a boots girl.
Love you guys!