Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I love Christmas

I love Christmas! And, I love to decorate for Christmas!!!! It is one of my favorite things to do! I especially love doing trees! I do my mom's and my sister's and it is so much fun! But, here is a little walk through my Christmas decor!

Here is the most important thing and what you see when you first walk in my front door. It is my manger scene. Brad and I got it for a wedding gift and I love it!
Here is where it sits at the bottom of my stairs.
Table that sits in my living room! The presents light up, but I keep them off during the day! I also need a picture in the frame, but haven't gotten to that point!

Our front living room, better known as the Razorback room is decorated in mostly red/green, sports and Razorbacks decor. In the corner I have this little set-up. It is 3 of my Whimsy Tins filled with Christmas stuffed animals we have collected over the years!
Here is the mantle in that room. I have a Razorback wreath having in front of Brad's jersey. This is also where we hang our stockings because we do not have a mantle in the main living room. The little tree has baseball and Hog ornaments!

This is a new addition this year! I got this zebra table for my birthday! (after I saw it at Christa's house) and had to have a hot pink tree on it. So, this is what I came up with. I am looking forward to adding to it each year with silver and black! I will be sad when Christmas is over because I don't have anything to put on the wall behind it or to sit on the table!

This is the girl's Christmas Tree that sits on the balcony area. If you look up when you walk in the front door this is where this tree sits.

This is the sitting area in my kitchen. I used Red/lime green for the Christmas decor in my kitchen.

One of my favorite additions this year is my card holder. Each year I end up with a pile of cute cards sitting in a basket. So, this year I found the Christmas Card holder shaped like a Christmas tree (at Kirkland's) and I love it. I just keep adding cards and it still looks like a Christmas tree!

I swear my whole main tree is ribbon. Here is one of the 2 new ribbons I got this year!
My main tree that sits in my dining room window! It is red/gold and I have been working on it for like 4 years now adding a little each year!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve!!!!!!
Don't forget the REASON WE CELEBRATE!!!


The Schramkos! said...

Your decorations are lovely! I love the christmas card holder.. I might just have to find me one on sale after Christmas!! Hope your family has a wonderful peaceful Christmas!

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Your decorations are BEAUTIFUL. I love your Christmas card holder, too. I read several posts all at once but I just have to say that the pictures of your girls always make me smile. They are just the cutest!