Saturday, December 19, 2009

Salt Bowl Shootout

Friday night we went to the Salt Bowl Shootout. (Benton vs. Bryant) It was played at UALR and was a lot of fun! We go to most of high school's home games. First is was to watch Luke play basketball and the cheerleaders. Now, we know a lot more of the players and enjoy going to cheer them on!

Here is "little" Luke. I used to babysit Luke when he was shorter than me!!

The girls alway love to go to the games. But, at UALR the rules were a little stricter. no dancing in the aisles, no getting on the court, etc. so Laci said she wanted to go back to the real gym where the Panthers play!!! And, when Bryant's band starting playing, she said she wanted "real" music...that she could dance to!!!

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