Thursday, December 10, 2009

Big Weekend (lots of pics)

This weekend we celebrated Megan's 3rd birthday. Her birthday was Monday, the 7th! I was planning on having a her very first big party with her friends. However, with all that has happened this year I just didn't do it. But, we celebrated and had a big time! We had a party at our house Saturday night. Then, Sunday we headed to Springdale to see Brad's mom and step-dad and celebrated some more. Here are lots of pics!

Another fabulous banner by Amanda at Bibs and Cribs

Right before the fam was to arrive for her party, Megan crashed on the couch!
And, yes, we are planning on getting rid of the binkie soon!!!! Laci was a little over 3 when she got rid of hers so I'm not worried about it!
She acted shy when we sang Happy Birthday

Fabulous Present from Angie

Christmas Dresses! I love these dresses! I tried to take a cute pic so the back of the dresses would show, but it didn't work too well!

Being sassy and cold on the porch!

In Fayetteville we got to visit the square and see all of the lights. It was the first time they got to see the square at Christmas!
Megan and Meme

They got to ride the ponies!

Laci, my little poser!
Me and my girls!

A day out with Meme

Monday night we went to Fast Lanes in Rogers to play for Megan's birthday. We went bowling (pictures coming soon, stay tuned). There was also a game room and the girls loved playing games....and so did the grown-ups!

3 generations of gamers!!!!
Megan is sitting in Brad's lap!
I will post pics from bowling tomorrow, I hope! We have gotten a new computer for Christmas and I hope it is up and running tomorrow!!!!! Bowling pics are priceless!


Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Happy Birthday Megan! Looks like you guys did a great job celebrating! I have always thought birthday celebrations should last at least a week. We have been wanting to take Lilly and Reid to the square for a carriage ride, but it has just been so stinking cold and has gotten dark so stinking early so we will see. Oh yeah, the sassy photo on the porch is my favorite. (c:

Trumbo Family said...

Sounds like Meg had a good birthday! We haven't been to Fast Lanes yet, sounds like fun. Trenton gave Santa his paci last night so he could give it to a baby. It went really well.....until he layed in his bed for 2 hours and couldn't go to sleep. I found an old nuk with his bottles packed away and used it!! Trenton NOR I am ready to give it up!

The Schramkos! said...

Happy Bday Megan! She looks so much like Sarah only with blonde hair!

OliviaK said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the girls in their winter attire!!!
So fun!