Friday, December 4, 2009

Another Showcase

UPDATE: Here are the pics from the stuff Olivia did at my house!

First, here are the letters in Megan's room. I promise her wall's aren't puke green. It's just the way it looks in the picture. P.S. I added the ribbon!

Here is a painting she did for me and I hung it behind my stove in my kitchen! It looks awesome in there and I love it. She cannot duplicate this one, but it shows you her talent.

I have several creative friends that I have recently added to my blogroll, but I wanted to give them some personal attention. Two days I told you about this blog that sales cute bottlecap necklaces, keychains and so much more. Today I would like to tell you about Art By Olivia. She is very creative and does some way cute paintings. She did a painting I have hung in my kitchen and she also did Megan's letters that are hanging in my bedroom. I will take pictures of that and post on here. But, for now go to her blog and check out her talent!
Olivia is a girl who I used to babysit and she has grown into a great friend!!!! (also an outstanding babysitter for my girls) She is very talented and I love her bunches. P.S. love you too, Luke!

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