Saturday, May 5, 2012

A One Post Update

I've kind of been off blogging lately.  Don't know why, but I thought I'd do a quick update of pics for the out of town family.  

Here is a pic of Laci and Meg standing in front of the picture of them taken several years ago (before BBB).  It's funny to me because they are wearing the same outfits, just switched.  The shirt Laci has on in person is the same shirt Megan is wearing in the picture, but as a dress!  
 Notice anything different about Laci....that's right, she has lost her first top tooth!  Ugh, her face is already starting to change looks!!!  Looking like big girl!!!

 My blue-eyed girls on Easter!!!!!
 We went for our first swim of the season!!!  BBB loved it!!!

 BBB has been a little toot lately.  She wouldn't sit still in Kohl's so we put her in the basket part and she loved it.  She jumped around a little bit then she sat down and went to sleep!
 Here is how we pool a tooth at our house!  
 Major Milestone....Megan registered for Kindergarten!!  How is this possible???
 Meg also started softball and she loves it!!!!  This particular night she hit her very first homerun!
 BBB got a new set of wheels!
 Brad, myself and the big girls spent a Saturday outside and had a blast!!  We climbed Pinnacle!!

 Then, we went for a bike ride around The Big Dam Bridge.
 We tried to ride this trail, but we quickly learned we were more road bikers, than mountain bikers!
Ok, that is quick update in pictures!!!!!   The girls are growing so quickly, we are trying to soak up all we can!!!!

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Mara said...

Your girls have the most gorgeous hair!!