Thursday, May 10, 2012

So Long, Preschool!

Preschool Recognition
Last Sunday night was preschool recognition at our church.  It was so fun and a little emotional as the kids were recognized for the hard work in preschool.  
Then, they sang a song Kindergarten, Here We Come!!!!  How is that possible?

Megan was pretty pumped about getting to be on stage and sing the songs she had worked on all year!

This is Mrs. Helen, Megan's teacher for the past 2 years.  She is amazing and we all have loved having her as part of Megan's school journey!  Just about this time last year, Mrs. Helen's life changed quite a bit as her husband went in for a routine surgery and nearly lost his life.  But, he is a miracle and always has a smile for me....well, that smile may be for Brynn, but it's a big smile!!!!  
I've seen Megan's compassion bloom during Mr. Phil's recovery.  She is always asking about him and wanting to help take care of him.  When we got to recognition on Sunday, Mr. Phil was sitting on the front row by himself.  I told Meg to stay out of the Worship Center, but she said she had to go check on him and make sure he was ok because he was by himself.
Thankfully, we go to the same church and we get to see them a lot!!! 
 I'm sure Meg will always have a special hug for Mrs. Helen and Mr. Phil!!!

And, this is Jarrett.  Jarrett leads worship in one of our services at church.  He also led the kids chapel in preschool.  And, to say these kids love him is an understatement!!!!!  He and his wife, Macy, have become good friends of ours and they are an amazing couple that have endless talents!!!  They will be leaving this fall for California where Jarrett will be attending Seminary.  It is so bittersweet as we all know that they are following God's call, but they will be missed greatly by so many!!!!!  It's going to be awesome to watch how God is going to use Jarrett and Macy!!!!!

Wow, this school year coming to a close brings different emotions on all levels!!!!  I will say that my girls are truly blessed by the people God has put in their lives!!!  Each one molding their little hearts and teaching them something.  I wish so badly I could let them know how much it means to me that they love kids, not just my kids!! 

So proud of my little Megan and her big heart for others!!!!!!

And, as I am typing this with tears in my eyes and lump in my throat, I look over and Brynn has dumped out the colors and is coloring on the floor!!!!!!  
Got to get to cleaning!!!! 

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