Monday, May 14, 2012


Saturday at the farm!!  
We went out to Mamaw Grant's on Saturday and the whole fam was there (minus Brayden - we missed him).  We had a great time and got to play with the animals!!

 BBB wanted to share her sippy cup with the animals

 Nonny thought she was getting a little too close to the goats!  They like to play rough!

 Mamaw has a peacock!  And, I have never seen it with his feathers open until Saturday!!

 I don't get many pics of the big girls anymore.  They are too busy playing, riding and running around!
 How many boys does it take to fix a tractor??  Mamaw said her tractor was broke so the boys got to work!

Happy Mother's Day! 

 She would not stand still!!!

 Laci ran by and a snapped a quick pic.  I think Megan had already shucked her Sunday clothes at this point!

Happy Mother's Day to our mom!!!!!

And, this is how I found my kids when I got in the car.  Meg in BBB's seat and BBB in Meg's seat!  ugh

A couple of phone pics!  

BBB after a fudge popcicle

Thankful to be a mom to these precious girls!!!

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