Monday, May 21, 2012

Sister In Christ

Yesterday was one of those days that I hope I never forget every detail.   Laci accepted Christ into her heart over Christmas Break.  We had been talking about it and she was asking a lot of questions for several months.  I wanted to make sure she was doing because God was working in her heart and not to please us or her Poppy or teachers or anything!!!!  She went down front several weeks ago and yesterday she was baptised!!!!  It was pretty special to watch my Dad baptize my Daughter!!!

Her Grandad and MeMe Kathy came down to be apart!

Brad read her testimony.  He did a great job.  I was up by the Baptistry but he sounded great.  He said he took and deep breath, started reading and didn't stop.  If he didn't stop...he wouldn't have time to think about it.  Therefore, he wouldn't cry!!!!!!

 We had a room reserved at Western Sizzlin after church (it was the easiest with all of us trying to find a place to eat on a Sunday afternoon).
Laci had a cake in the shape of a cross.  It was so good!

 Papaw, Mimi Pam and Angie also came to be apart!
 I captured these from behind the Baptistry.  Dad was walking her through what they would do out there!

  Special Video

 And, this is one of those pictures I will cherish forever!!!!!!  After she was baptized we went in the room where you change and it was just me and Laci.  She was so cold so I just got to hug her for a minute!!!!!  I got to pause in a hectic day and just let her know how proud I was of her and how much I loved her.  She got ready and before we left I said quick prayer with her (which is not like me), just she and I, asking God that we never forget that moment or that day!!!!  And, just before we headed back out to a crazy world and a hectic day I snapped quick pic and I'm so thankful!!!  

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harris1013 said...

What a proud moment!!! So proud of Laci and her decision.