Thursday, March 15, 2012

A "little" Brynn update

Brynn had her 15 month appointment a few weeks ago. If you remember at her 1 year appt, she was in the 1.8% in her weight. We were hoping that percentage would go up by her 15 month check-up. But, unfortunately, it didn't. She had gained 2 lbs, now a whopping 18 lbs. Her percantages had gone up in height and head, but her weight % had gone down. She was now in 1.0%. Anyway, our doctor and friend said she was not at all worried something was wrong, probably just the way she is built. Not to mention the fact she is super busy!!! But, she referred us to a nutritionist just to see if maybe she could give us some ideas on how to hide calories. Anyway, we are working on that that, basically putting butter on anything and everything.

While we were waiting for the nutritionist, Brynn was showing off in the waiting room!

The next day, she demolished a cookie in her carseat and thought it was pretty funny!
And, then just as we were getting into a routine of eating and trying new foods....she got sick. The past couple of days have been spent cleaning and washing and holding this one! I hate when my kids are sick. It rarely happens, so when they go down, they go down!!! Everytime she threw up, it would scare her to death. She would scream and shake and it broke my heart!
But, the one positive side of being sick, which Laci and Megan have learned, is that if you are do not have to share you Sonic drink!!!! Brynnie loved her very own Sonic coke.
She is finally feeling better this morning and hopefully no one else will get sick!!!


Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

She is such a doll!! That last pic is too funny and cute!

harris1013 said...

She is your twin in the first picture. I don't know about you, but I love it when people say K looks just like me. You have three beautiful girls...