Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Day of 2nd Grade

Laci wanted to go to school her last day for a little bit so we got up early that morning and met some of our food friends for donuts!!
Laci and Kade - They are great friends and were in the same class this year.  Kade is very protective over Laci and they act very much like brother and sister.  

Brynn loves playing with the Turbyfill's!!!!   She gets a lot of attention when we hang out with them!

 She was sitting in Kinley's lap, probably trying to steal her donut!

 This is Daniel.  Brynn has just recently warmed up to him and she really likes him.   We call him Turbs!
I didn't get any pictures of Brad, Kristie or myself!!  But, it was a great way to start out this kid's last day!!!!
Um, I now have a 3rd grader....that does not seem possible!!!!!

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