Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dallas - (picture overload)

Laci's birthday is in July.  She asked if she could go to the American Girl Store for her birthday this year and I gladly said yes (anything to get of having to plan a big party).  So, last weekend we headed to Dallas to make a fun weekend with lots of things to do!!  Nonny and Poppy (my mom and dad went with us to help with Brynn).  

First Stop: Tour of Dallas Cowboys Stadium
This was awesome!   Basically, you walk around where you want, see what you want and play on the field as long as you want!!!!  The girls (and Brad and me) were worn out!!!!
BBB loved the big TV!!!!

 Yes, we brought 2 footballs and a kicking tee!!!  

 Lots of tumbling on the field!!!!

 Out to eat that night

 American Girl Day!!



 the bank!  haha, just kidding!! He was a great sport!!!!

 Rangers Game

 That is not Laci's "drink."  She just happened to walk up and I didn't realize it was there until I looked at the pictures!

 Brad saw a player he used to play with in the bullpen.  He actually got to talk to him for a bit and catch up.  He told Brad he hasn't changed.  Brad said well I have 3 girls now, and the guy said well I have 6 kids!  Brad said you win!!  haha  But, before we left he grabbed a ball and threw it to Megan.  She was pumped!!!!!   Thank you, Miguel Olivo!!!!!

 We went to the water park one day and I'll have pics from that later!!!!!
 It was an awesome weekend!!!


Beck said...

How fun to tour the Dallas stadium. I was DCC all the time :) Love the matching baseball outfits, where did you find them?? SO cute

Beck said...

*watch DCC, not was! Oops!

Amber said...

THanks so much. I got the baseball outfits from my mom. She ordered them from