Monday, October 10, 2011

Taylor Swift

Last Tuesday Laci, Megan and myself went with some friends to the Taylor Swift concert. They had a great time and thought it was pretty cool!!! The only hard thing was that Taylor did not come on until late. So, we saw a lot of her show and then we left. The girls were getting tired and so were the momma's!

Brynn stayed home with daddy!

The girls were so excited that I am pretty sure we were ready 2 hours early!

As soon as Taylor came our Laci started waving! I know she thought Taylor was looking right at her....and, she loved it!
This was her walking away from us. She was very close when she came to the platform on our side of the stage!
Let me get this out there. Before last Tuesday night I was not a huge fan of Taylor Swift. I thought her swinging was kind of one note and when I saw her perform on TV it sounded kind of off. Well, I was wrong! She can sing! And, she sings beautifully! She can also put on a pretty incredible show!!!! She was interacting with the crowd and could speak so well!! Such a sweet voice! She made me a fan!

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Beck said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Taylor Swift!! My sister and I went to her concert a few weeks ago in Los Angeles. It was the best concert I've ever been too. I think she is such a great role model to young girls, and I LOVE that she writes all of her own songs. Looks like you had great seats too!