Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Panther Fans, Get on your Feet...

Last week was the Panther Cheerleader Cheer Clinic! The girls had a blast cheering at the game!!! I can't wait to line up all the pictures one day and see how they have changed from year to year!

Ok, so I had to include the picture below!!! It is Laci doing the cheer clinic when she was 3! I think she looks a lot like Megan at 4! But, that is just me!
Laci's hair definitely grew faster than Meg's. She had more hair at 3 than Megan does now!

Sorry some of these are blurry. I was running back and forth between Meg and Laci. Also, Laci was standing behind her friends so the camera didn't focur on her.

And, of course, a couple of their biggest fans came! Thankfully, Poppy agreed to stay home with Brynn so I could enjoy watching them and not chasing her!

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