Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brynn Bradley - 11 months

Can't believe it!!! 11 months old!! Time is flying! This is a little late, but that 's ok!
It's getting harder and harder to take her picture.
She was trying to slide out of the chair.
She has 2 teeth on bottom and I think the top 2 are starting to cause some pain! She is eating like crazy and loves everything! Still dark hair getting thicker! Her eyes are blue/gray, but not as bright as the other two. Soemtimes they look very much like Brad's eyes!!
She says dada, mama, and uh-oh...more like uh-uh! I swear she tried to say Laci, but that happened only once and it came out like acie! Sarah and Ben say she tries to say Avery and to be honest sometimes it sounds like it!
She loves Sonic drinks, especially her Poppy's grape slushies! She wants to be outside at all times. She can throw a good fit, but that is seldom! She loves to play with Laci and Megan and hates it when they shut the door or do not let her play. They usually will let her play and they pretend she is their baby. But, when they are coloring or playing school, she is totally in the way!
This last week she went from standing... stepping... walking!!! She walks most of the time now (still wobbly), but it is so cute to watch her go!
This little girl pretty special!!!! It's amazing how God makes a place in your heart and in your life for each child and their personality!! Brynn is little bitty ball of joy and she is smiling most of the time. Still greeting people with a "hi-d." Love her bunches and can't believe she is so close to being one!!! I'm pretty sure I'll cry as we start putting away the bottles!!! (I will not cry, however, when I fork over the $25 for that last tub of formula)!!

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