Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Megan's preschool went to the Pumpkin Patch last week and she had a blast! Brad wanted to go with her this year and as much as I wanted to go with her, I knew she would love having her daddy there (since she's around me all the time).
I sent Brad with my little camera, not expecting any pictures. But, he did get a few and I was so thankful!

This is my favorite picture! Take your pumpkin and run!!!!

Someone told us the other day that Megan was our little "boy." And, I have to agree! I honestly think I could put Meg with any age group and she could hang! She could intitiate and carry on a conversation! She would do all she could keep up in sports. She would ask one million questions until she figured out answers! She would be the dirtiest, have the most injuries (without telling anyone) and would have found the most insects!! I love that about her and I pray we never squash her unique personality!!!

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