Sunday, October 2, 2011

My last throwback!

Here are 3 videos that I have watched over and over the past week. When people say your forget how small your kids were, they are not kidding. After finding these videos on discs that I had in storage I could not get over how small Laci and Megan were and how sweet their little voices were!!!
This is Megan when she got stuck in the pantry. She had cleaned out the bottom shelf and climbed up looking for "bites."

This is Laci talking after Megan was born. She was a proud big sister and I am so thankful we have this video!!

Laci when she first started golfing. When I first turned on this video Brad said that's Megan, but as you can's Laci back when we thought she was left-handed! haha

For all of you that have had the opportunity to blog about all of your children from their births, consider it a blessing. I would love to have a blog from when I was a naive first time parent with Laci. Or, blogging through the move to Birmingham and back when I was pregnant with Megan!! I would have loved to have a place where everything was recorded chronologically and to see how it differed from one child to the next. Right now, I have a stack of about 100 CD's full of pictures that I don't want to lose scratch!!! So, continue blogging, scrapbooking or doing whatever it is you do to capture all of your memories!!!! It is a blessing!

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