Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Panther Fridays

In the fall, just like Saturday's we get up and get in our Razorback attire, on Fridays, we get our Panther gear on!!!! I enjoy taking the girls (Meg and Brynn) to the Pep Rally. There really is nothing like a Benton Pep Rally! (and I have been to several school's pep rallys) We go up top so we can see everything and also that keeps us away from the mascots!!!

This was Brynn's first pep rally (outside of the womb)!!! She loved it, can you tell! The band is on the end we stand on and she was mesmorized! There was so much going on and she was just taking it all in!
Megan was still trying to get used the fact that there were 2 Panther mascots!!! She only remembered one from last year!!!
When the band stopped playing, Brynn Bradley was over it! Time for a snack!
Megan, the old pro, showing her the ropes!!
And, big sister Laci, was teaching her about the Panther games!!!!
This is what Laci has been waiting for. Last year Brynn was not born yet and at basketball games she was too small to carry around. Laci played with Brynn for almost the entire first half! She carried her around and showed her the Panthers, the cheerleaders, the dance team, Mrs. Hilborn and everything she loves about the games! Brynn has 2 pretty great big sisters!

This last pic cracks me up!! Brynn loved the mascots!!!! She would reach her arm out and squeel until they paid attention to her. And, if they didn't she would look at Laci like she was saying get their attention!!!!

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