Monday, September 19, 2011

Woo Pig!!!

Saturday was a fun day! Laci and Megan got some 2 on 1 time with Daddy, while Brynn Bradley went with my mom, my sister and myself to Conway for a much needed shopping getaway!
I think Brynn loved getting all the attention! (not that she lacks any)
We got all dressed up in our Razorback gear and headed to Conway. Our main destination is the amazingly huge and newly redone TJ Maxx!
While each of us were checking out the other would sit in these chairs by the check-out line with Brynn. She would greet everyone with a "hi-dee." She was quite the hit and one lady even took a picture of her. She assured me she wasn't a freak and wanted to get a pic of the outfit to show her friend who sews.
It was such a fun day (it was more fun before the Dave Ramsey budget), but fun, none the less!

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