Thursday, September 8, 2011

What I learned at the Razorback Game...

This past weekend I observed several things that brought me to one conclusion...I have crossed over into being "old." I experienced 3 things that brought me to this conclusion!

First, I quickly realized that the comment, "you look good, FOR HAVING 3 KIDS," is meant to be a compliment!

Second, I remember in college I thought the athletes on campus were so cute (so cute that I ended up marrying one, hehe). Well, Saturday when the football players came over to the sidelines and took off their helments I looked in amazement! They looked like they were barely old enough to drive! They were big, but they had baby faces (don't get me wrong, some looked like grown men). But, they looked so young and I immediately realized I was getting older!!!!

Lastly, I realized I was still in style...kind of. I saw several of the college girls wearing 3 specific articles of clothing that I own!!!!!!!! The only difference is....I bought them to be shirts and they WERE WEARING THEM AS DRESSES!!!!! They did not take into account the wind, or bending over!!! I could not believe how short some these dresses/shorts/skirts were!!! I'm pretty sure the cheerleaders skirts were longer than some of these dresses!! I wanted to pass out Monkey Bar Buddies while tailgating!!! ...getting older!!!

As a mom to 3 daughters, these observations were a little overwhelming. And, it was even more Brad!!!!!! I saw him watch a girl walk across the parking lot and he turned to me with big eyes, shaking his head and said, "our girls are not coming here. They will live at home and commute." I'm sure all parents have said that at one time or another!!! I know this is all quite a ways away, but we hear all too often that it will be here before you know it.

I say all this to be funny, but it was a reality check and a reminder of the world we live in!!!!

I just keep repeating to myself, "Train up a child in way they should go..." And, we cling to the fact that Laci, Megan and Brynn are first the Lord's and He can watch over them and protect them better than Brad and I ever could!

And, yes, I have invested in Monkey Bar Buddies for Laci and Megan!


Trumbo Family said...

Ha! Love this! I've never heard of monkey bar buddies but I'm getting the picture and it's all making sense.

Tadd and Elizabeth said...

Tadd and I said the exact same things last year as we were walking to the stadium! Our girls were never going to wear those clothes either... it was scary to think it could even be worse by the time our kids get to
College! It made me feel old for sure-of course I was about 8 months pregnant at the time-ha!

Beck said...

I am a mom to a 3 1/2 year old girl. Lately while out running errands or shopping at the mall I have seen SO many teenage girls wearing shorts that look like a)underwear or b)bathing suit bottoms!! CRAZY!! I don't understand how these parents can let their girls dress this way! They all look like they are squeezing into bottoms that are 3 sizes too small. So not cute!

Jennifer said...

Josh said the same thing this weekend when we saw some college girls in shorts that looked like panties walking into the game!

I loved the video of brave little Megan on FB! She is a doll!

Lindsey Cobb said...

We've said the same things! The football players do look like babies! (actually they are...some of them are only 18!). The girl's dresses are WAY TOO short! (how can they even call the hogs?) We are getting old & wiser!