Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Playing Outside

Last week the weather was perfect to play outside. So, after Brynn and I picked up Meg from preschool, we took our mats outside to play. It was so fun and a nice break from the heat!

Brynn Bradley LOVES being outside!!!!!!
And, one of her new favorite things is riding around with Megan in the Mustang! Seriously, they could do this all day! They rode it this day until the battery ran out!!!!
Loves Brynn's arm hanging on the side!!! When Megan would get out, Brynn would scream at her until she got back in and starting driving!
If Laci and Megan are outside and Brynn spots them, she goes straight to the door or window and yells at them and slaps the glass! She will eventually start to cry until I take her outside!
Loving this time of year!!!

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