Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brynn Bradley - 10 months

Another month and more milestones!! Brynn is 10 months old and as sweet as ever!! She still flashes that smile to everyone she meets! And, usually follows her smile with a "hi-D!" My true southern belle!!
This month another tooth poked through, making a grand total of...2! Her dark hair continues to grow! ...and, so do her eyelashes!!
She is crawling like a maniac and can get places (like the toilet) faster than I can keep up! She can stand all day long and has taken 3 steps once. But, she still prefers to crawl. She will take on or two steps then drops to crawl.
She says dada and that is still about it! She loves for us to do animal sounds to her, but she will not repeat them. When I try to get to her to talk back to me or say mom, she will blow a toot noise at me and spit...so ladylike!
She will eat anything and is finally holding her own sippy cup! geez!! I thought she was going to let me hold that forever! She still will not hold her bottle! Spoiled Rotten!

The above picture is one of my favorite things she does. Her sweet 2 teeth smile!!
Then, below thought she was getting ready to take off crawling, then...
...she stood up!! I love that I can stand her up in a store if I am checking out or needing two hands for a second. She will usually stand there and wait on me to pick her up! I need to enjoy that, because I know it won't be long before I put her down and she takes off running!!!
Brynn's favorite thing is being outside!!!!! We could sit outside all day and she would be happy! She will crawl all over that yard. Last night we ate outside on the patio's at YaYa's in LIttle Rock. She was asleep when we first got there, but when she woke up and we put her in the high chair she kept taking deep breaths and smiling real big....she just loved being outside!! It was a great night!!!!

We love this little thing more everyday! Her little personality is so unique and so incredibly sweet!!! Can't believe she is almost 1!! Love you, Brynnie!

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