Monday, September 12, 2011


Megan has started back to preschool...4 year old Preschool, that is! She is going to preschool 2 mornings a week at our church and has the precious Mrs. Helen again this year and she (and I) could not be more excited! She loved preschool last year and was so excited to get started this year!
Her first morning...Brad was leaving to take Laci to school so she had to get in her bye hug!!
Telling Laci bye!!
Her First Day of Preschool Sassy Pose
One of the neat things about preschool this year is that it starts at 8:15. So, Brad can drop off Laci and then take Megan. It's kind of their thing! Here is Megan this morning before she headed to preschool on her Daddy's "bus."
After I fixed Laci's hair, Megan brought me a ribbon and ponytail holder and said to do hers the same! She is pretty independent, so I thought it was sweet that she wanted to be like Laci.
Megan waiting on Daddy's "bus."
Funny Story:
Brad goes out the garage to start the "bus," and I wait on the front porch with the girls. This morning Brynn was in the house and Laci went back in to get her so she could wait with us. Laci came back to the door with a look of panic and said she couldn't find her!! I heard the "bus" pull up and when we looked at the truck, this is what we saw...
Busdriver Brynn

And they're off!!!!!
Desperately trying to get Brynn to wave and say Bye Bye!

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