Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GUESS WHO...(updated)

Okay, so one of the questions I get most often is, "who does Brynn look like." Then, that usually starts a whole conversation about who my kids look like, did they look alike as babies and on and on!! So, I finally dug out old pictures and I want to see what you think! This is mostly for family and those that know us best, but I am interested to see what people think and if they think like me! I am going to post some pics and you can either comment or just guess to yourself. Tomorrow or later today I will update this post with which of my children that picture actually is.

These are pictures of all 3 of them around 10 months to one year!
The picture below is Laci
Although you can tell all 3 of my kids are sisters and lots of their pictures are hard to tell who is who, I think you will be surprised at how different they actually look when comparing pictures of them at the same age!
This picture is Brynn
The picture below is Megan
The picture below is Laci (see, she really doesn't look like the other 2 at this age)
The picture below is Meg
One thing I have noticed is that many people say Megan looks just like Laci. And, what I have learned by looking back at pictures is that Meg at 3 looked like Laci at 2. And, so on!! But, just look and see what you think! Tomorrow will be baby pictures of each of them!!! I love looking back at old pictures!!!!
I don't think they look that much alike at this age!

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