Monday, September 5, 2011

Fun Weekend in Northwest Arkansas

We went to Springdale this weekend to celebrate Brad's birthday and go to the Razorback. We had a great time!!!

The girls ready to cheer on the Hogs, even though they decided not to go to the game!
Three girls from Benton are cheerleaders!! I found Jacie (didn't see Carly or Jenny in The Pit)!!!
We had super close seats!!!!
Brad's birthday cupcakes from the night before we left at Mom and Dad's.
Friday was the Salt Bowl (Benton/Bryant game). The girls dressed in their Benton gear to show support, but we headed up to NWA before the game to eat with Brad's mom and step-dad!

Instead of going to the game, Laci and Megan got to go swimming. They had a great time and got one more swim in just before the temperature change!!
We had a great weekend and I am looking forward to sharing tomorrow a few things I learned from this Hog game!!

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