Monday, August 30, 2010

Going Home Outfit Option #2

Here is another little outfit I got for Brynn. It could also be a going home outfit, but I think it may be a bit big. But, I know it will get worn a lot! I just love gowns. I discovered those with Megan since she was born in December and she spent many of her first few weeks in gowns. They were so warm and easy to change diapers, etc.

Of course, I had to make a matching bow!
Yesterday, as I pulled up my weekly pregnancy update, I realized it is the update I looked forward to with each pregnancy. It said Congratulations, you have entered your third trimester. It made it feel so close (even though people still say, oooooooh, bless you heart, you still have a long way to go). But, more importantly, it also said babies born now have a good prognosis and and excellent chance of survival. Now I know babies are born earlier than 28 weeks and do fine and babies born after 28 weeks can have problems. But, there is something about reading that sentence (good prognosis and excellent chance of survival) that brings a calmness to me. I do not worry about every pain, wierd feeling, belly tightening, etc.
I'm so thankful to be at this point and looking forward to what is to come!!!


Trumbo Family said...

I love gowns too..supercute! Remember you will be putting her in carseat in going home outfit, it might be hard to clip the belt with the gown on.

Tadd and Elizabeth said...

I need the name of that update, sounds fun! I thought we were just in our third trimesters:) Cute outfits and love her room! I'm way behind on is but we have all our fabrics in finally:) E