Saturday, August 14, 2010

25 Weeks - The Stroller/Car Seat

I am now 25 weeks pregnant. (Starting my 26th week, is the way I like to think about it!) I enjoy the time from now until the end because things start coming together. I have the Car seat and Stroller combo ready to go. My mom and dad got it for me and I am sooo excited about it! It is awesome and I can't wait to stroll little Brynn around in it! Laci and Megan really can't wait! Here are a few pictures!

This is the stroller with the carseat on it.
But, it also comes with this piece that can be put on the stroller as well!!!
...just like this!!! So, Baby Brynn can ride around the mall, park, ballgame or wherever we are laying down and sleeping which Laci and Megan loved to do way more than sitting in the carseat! And, I can leave the carseat in the car buckled in! Also, the handle on the stroller can go straight up for for tall people (Brad), and go straight down for little ones (Laci and Megan), or right in the middle for me! The girls like to think it's just for them!
up close of the the car seat
I have the bed pretty much ready with the bedding in it. (Just waiting on a pillow to take pictures) The changing table is in the room, just need to get changing pad covers. And, I should get the dresser this weekend! Glider/Ottoman come in in September. Then, I'll decorate the walls and we'll be pretty close to ready to go! That way I can spend October (the end of Oct.) decorating for Thanksgiving/Christmas!


Trumbo Family said...

Sooooo cute! That carseat looks comfy enough she might just want to sleep in it! Went to the mall today with the boys and Trevor was pissed 80%of the time...I could have really used that bassinet!

The Hudspeth's said...

love the carseat and stroller! I want to come over and look at it!