Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just a few pics...

Been a busy few weeks! Laci is playing fall softball. It just a few Saturdays so it is not too much.

Ready to Run
And, if you hadn't season has started! Yesterday was the Salt Bowl and first pep rally. Laci had to go to school, but Megan got to go to the pep rally.
Before School, who is this sassy at 715 in the morning?
She had to show me a cheerleader pose!

Megan and I were off to the Pep Rally! I could hardly get a good picture of Megan because she was too busy watching! I have lots of pics of the side of her head. She was making sure the mascots didn't come up to where she was.

It is a cool Saturday morning, College Gameday is starting and I am ready to relax!!

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