Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just My Girls and Me

Since school starts this week and last week we were kind of in and out with Papaw and his visitation, I have been trying to do some fun things with the girls. (feeling a little guilty, I guess) It has been so hot I can hardly go outside. Even swimming is tough on me. So, I have kind of felt bad that I haven't played outside like I usually do and I tend to lay down more than before. Megan even said the other day she was ready for my belly to go away so I could jump on the trampoline. I am trying to do some things around the house, read, and Brad is taking them to play golf early in the morning or in the evening. But, last week we did venture to Little Rock for some ice cream. (after a visit to the maternity store)

We went to Maggie Moos. They got to pick their own ice cream and we were the only ones in there so they could talk and laugh without worrying about disturbing others. There was also a fountain they through money in. They carried their own purses with their own change and I realized I needed to teach them that we don't throw the big coins...haha!
Megan thought is was soooo funny that her mouth turned blue from her cotton candy ice cream!
Then, one night I decided to let them help me make bows. I have a lot of stuff left over from making tutus and things so I thought I would see what we could come up with. I was so impressed with their help! I took the photos with my phone so they are bad quality, but we had a ball!
We put this flower on a hat for Baby Brynn that matches an outfit for her to wear as a newborn!

Pink/Black and Orange/Black - Both Megan's that I helped her with.
Three of Laci's. Orange/blue, pink/blue, and red/green
This is the one Laci did all her own. I tried to direct them on colors because some were pretty random, but I thought she did a good job on this one. pink/purple
And, finally, my creation. I have been obsessed with these tiny bows on tiny headbands. I ordered some off of Etsy and quickly realized there was nothing to it. So, this is what I have been working on. Megan wanted to wear it so I let her wear it for the day, but I thought it was so cute and I am having so much fun playing with them!


Lindsey said...

Looks like you girls are having so much fun! I would love some details on how to make those bows and where to find the stuff. I have SO many girlfriends with little ones and I'm feeling crafty!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Love that you guys are spending special time together and making sweet stuff for the baby.