Thursday, August 26, 2010


Thanks so much for all the sweet comments about Brynn's room! I am having a blast working on all 3 girl's rooms. I love the comments about it being so girly. After have 2 girls you would think I would be "girled" out, but really that it is not the case. When I was pregnant with Laci I remember trying to be so "smart." Buying things that would be considered gender neutral, then adding pink where I could. I used most of that same stuff with Megan, tweeking a few things. Then, when we found out we were pregnant with Brynn I decided from early on I was going either all Boy or all Girl 110%!!!! Obviously we are ALL GIRL!! And, I am loving going "girl" nuts in her her room...and closet. I sold all of Laci and Megan's cloths at DuckDuckGoose, so I am getting to start over there too! Very fun!

Finally, an answer to some questions I have received:

I bought the bedding off of Ebay. I was going to have someone make it, but when I saw that bedding and the fact that it matched my valance already in the room, not to mention the great price, I just had to get it. Even my husband agreed!

Furniture was off of Craigslist at an incredible price. I painted the bed and Lindsey at Personal Pizazz painted the chest.

Yes, this is our last child!! People keep asking if we are planning on going for a 4th and the answer is a firm no. We feel very blessed as we prepare to become a family of 5 and I have a great peace knowing Brynn will complete our family!

Lastly, I have had a couple people ask about Laci and Megan's rooms. I will post pics of their rooms soon. Their rooms do not stay as clean as Baby Brynn's! :)

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