Friday, August 27, 2010

Preschool Time

Megan starts Preschool in a couple of weeks and Wednesday we got to go to her Open House. She is going to preschool at our church so she was excited and ready to see what this was all about. When it was over she said she was ready to go back to that class.

She and I on the morning before we left!
Megan is also having some revelations about being a big sister. We were driving around the other day, going to Target I'm sure, and out of nowhere she said, "mom, when Laci is at school all day, I have to take care of BAby Brynn in the car while you are driving." Then, when we were walking around Target she said, again out of nowhere, "wehn Baby Brynn gets here, she has to ride in the buggy and I get to walk!" followed by, "I like being a big sister."Hope she feels the same come November!!!

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