Friday, July 2, 2010

"Beach Pictures"

So, we kind of do what I like to call beach picture knock-offs! I've got a pretty nice camera that I barely know how to use but it works. We take turns taking each others pictures and out of the 200 we take we usually end of with a few good ones! Here are some of my favs!

Why I love taking several pics at a time! Get dad laughing and in the process, you can catch a picture of him smiling!!!!
And, we did the same thing with Wes!!! Got him laughing, so caught a picture with him smiling! Like we could get a bad picture of these two!!!

Baby Number 3 was there and the girls wanted a picture to prove it! And, it turned out to be one of my favs!

This is my last beach post of 2010. I had over 600 pictures so believe me I have spared you the majority! But, these are some of the highlights of a wonderful vacation!

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Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Such a beautiful family!! Glad you guys had a good time and that Megan and Wes are feeling better! So excited about baby girl #3--hope Brad has gotten over the shock.