Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Little Golfer

We spent the last week in Fayetteville. Brad worked and Laci got to participate in the Junior Golf Camp at the Springdale Country Club. She had a blast and I think she has found something she really enjoys!!! Another bonus was getting to spend some time with Brad's mom, MeMe Kathy and Brad's Step-dad, Granddad. We had a great week! I still love it up there. It's beautiful, lots of stuff to do, and it wasn't near as hot. I had forgotten what a breeze feels like!
Here are some of our highlights!!

Our Little Golfer. She looked so grown up and she was the youngest there by 2 years!
Getting Some Instruction

After Golf camp we hit up the club for lunch and a swim in the pool! It was awesome! Megan even learned to swim all by herself. She was jumping off the side and swimming to the steps. (videos later)
Another BIG highlight was visiting my friend, Lisa. We have been friends since college and we always start up like we are still roommates! she just had her 2nd little boy, Trevor. So, we went to hold Trevor and play with Trenton!
Megan and Trenton

Megan and MeMe Kathy on the golf cart. Laci was in the picture also but she had her eyes cloths and head down so I had to crop that out. The girls got to spend 2 nights with MeMe and Granddad and they had a blast. MeMe just got new bunk beds and Laci and Megan were so excited to sleep there. They said, mom, will you drop us off then leave?
Our last night we went shopping and then ate for Laci's Birthday that is coming up. I loved it there. It wasn't too hot, great shopping and a fountain for the girls to play on! We really had a good time!
My almost 6 year old!!!!!
This is what Megan was doing while I was taking Laci's picture...taking money from the fountain! Don't worry, she wasn't stealing! Just wanted more to throw in there and I was all out!

What a fun week! I'm sure we will be making more visits up there in the months to come. It was that much fun. Hopefully we can take Megan to her first Razorback football game.


Lindsey Kindy said...

Laci may be THE prettiest little golfer I know! Thanks again for bringing Huddys banner home for us!!

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Your girls are so beautiful, funny, and sweet! So glad we bumped into you guys!

Little By Little said...
Thats caras blog!
This is mine