Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Big Girl is 6!!!!!

Laci had, what I would consider, an outstanding 6th birthday! She had several celebrations.

While we were in Fayetteville she got to party with MeMe Kathy and Grandad.
Sunday night Papaw Bo, MiMi Pam and Angie came over to celebrate! That night we had cake balls and Laci got to pick out her birthday dessert of choice.

Laci showing off her birthday presents, her new softball cleats!
Monday night, Poppy, Nonny, Ben, Sarah and Wes came over for yet another celebration.
Laci showing off one of her presents from mom! A Justin Beiber shirt. (and, yes, she got the cd to go with it)
And, Tuesday, her actual birthday she had a party with a few of her friends at Pink Bliss. They had a blast!
They got to dress-up, wear make-up, have a fashion show, paint fingernails, and so much more! It was awesome! Here is Megan posing during the fashion show!

Megan came up to me about half-way through the party and asked, "I thought Hannah Montana was here. Is she coming?" I told her she standing in the corner! haha, Meg was disappointed!

Oh, Laci you have brought so much joy to our lives!!! In a way I think I have caught a glimpse of how I used to act as a child!! We are so very proud of you!!! Megan and baby sister are so lucky to have you as their big sister!!! We love you dearly!


Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Can't believe she is 6! Happy Birthday Laci!

Anonymous said...

Pretty girl!